1. What is a former Native American?

  2. Exactly how do you become a “former” Native-American?

  3. I guess when you are stripped of all you own by the then government(i.e. Andrew Jackson) and isolated,treated like animals and sent on the Trail of Tears

    1. Amen! Couldn’t agree more. We have this great hoopla going on nowadays banning Confederate flags and destroying Confederated monuments, because they are supposedly evil reminders of slavery in the South. Funny that no one ever questions the atrocities committed against the American Indian under the flag of the USA

  4. FORMER?? You might want to reconsider that headline.

    1. Agreed. I don’t really think “former” can be used to modify “Native Americans.” Very odd.

    2. Agreed! I can not change it on the page but it has been changed on the article. Sorry about the confusion!

  5. OOps, I meant former resident of Alabama.

  6. The Choctaw Nation of Indians entered Treaties between 1786 and 1866 with the United States of America never Alabama.

    Alabama – Color of Law since 1817/1819.

  7. Give them there land back or pay them for it, take the money from foreign aid money till its paid off