1. I am proud that my great state of Alabama came together like that to help out on the war effort!!! People still don’t realize our Industrial Might!!!

  2. I sure like anything about History and early days. I was born on February 14, 1942.

    1. So strange to see your name when I came to this site! I was looking for pictures of my maternal grandmother who was a welder during WWII and then I see your name and I had to stop for a minute and say something because you have the same exact name as my paternal grandmother. Even the last name. My maiden name is Ayers and it was something to see it here today with the name Bernice attached to it. You may never see this but if you do, just know it was a nice remembrance of both my grandmothers in the same place. =)

  3. Believe this is the time period when Prichard Homes was built, for the shipyard workers. My Dad and Mom and I moved there in the early 1950’s.

  4. My Mother and her Parents lived in Mobile during that time and my Grandfather worked in the ship yards and my Grandmother worked there for a short spell.

  5. My Dad worked at one of the shipyards in Mobile, our hometown. They built tankers for our troops. There were several housing areas for workers, Alabama village, Snug Harbour, Gulf Homes, and Gulf Village. There were others smaller that have disappeared over the years. We lived in Ala Village .

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