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AUTHOR SUNDAY – It was dangerous working for the telephone company in the 1950s as this story reveals

Working for the telephone company after college by Clifford Dobyns My first job after college was with a telephone company whose home base was…


PATRON + On May 25 the first-night airplane flight in the world took place in Alabama [see the vintage film]

On May 25, 1910,  the first-ever night-time airplane flight was made at Orville Wright's flying school near Montgomery, Alabama. Glinting now and then in the moonlight…

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USA national debt – In 1894 speech Hon. Jos. Wheeler of Alabama cited statistics when and why it started

[Transcribed from the Baltimore Sun via the TIMES DAILY, Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama August 4, 1894] In a 1894 speech Hon. Jos. Wheeler of…