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MONDAY MUSINGS: Gems from some Alabama newspapers in the past

While transcribing records from old newspapers, I frequently run across some great gems of wisdom and humor like below: From an 1908 newspaper Some…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

November is the time for peanuts in Dothan – home of the National Peanut Festival since 1938 – This film will take you back

[Do you like peanuts? Then head to the "Peanut Capital of the World" in Dothan, Alabama November 4-13, 2016 for the National Peanut Festival.…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

On this day, December 20th in 1978, a historic house was moved in Dothan, Alabama – [see this film of it being moved]

The Waddell farmhouse appears at home in Landmarks park, in Dothan, Alabama, but local people can tell you the story of the historic day on…