1. I have reason to believe the duel between Bushrod Bell and Bailey happened a few years earlier than 1839. If you are interested in my reasoning please email me privately.

  2. Two men arrived by train in Tuscumbia, ate together, the next morning went to Spring Park and both suffered mortal wounds. The had no identification and both had instructions to bury them where they fell. So both are buried in the park somewhere.

  3. Great story, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing these little know facts.

  5. From General Thomas Woodward’s letters, 1858, concerning Montgomery AL:

    “Jesse Evans was considered the best fist-fighter of his size, in his day. Organ Tatum and Ben Ward had the first fist-fight I ever heard of, in Montgomery county. Tatum bit off a piece of Ward’s nose.”

    Not exactly a duel, I suppose. But probably something to see.

  6. What of the tales of Kim Mooney?

  7. I’m sure there were more duels in the 19th century in Montgomery, they just didn’t make the news.

  8. If it happened in 1839 just beyond Line Creek, that would be Macon County.

  9. Not too hard to believe Duels still happen in Birmingham several times a day

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