1. My grandfather and uncles were Masons

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  3. Gary Stephen Jones, Gary Gary Jones Sr., Erin Lockridge – this is an interesting read.

  4. are they still any masonic lodges here

  5. […] together locked in each other’s arms and quite dead. Mr. Hodgkins was one of the leading Freemasons of Alabama. To-day he was buried with Masonic honors, all the citizens of the place following his remains to […]

  6. Does anyone have information to share on any of these Lodges?

    62 St. John’s Union Springs, Macon Co. 1 stand 3d Fridays
    63 Social Enon, Macon Co. Second Saturday
    76 Auburn Auburn, Macon Co. 1st and 3d Thursdays
    46 Harmony Eufaula, Barbour Co. 2d and 4th Saturday
    124 Felix Midway, Barbour Co. 2d and 4th Saturdays
    10 Royal White Hart, Clayton, Barbour Co. 2d and fourth Saturdays
    173 Andrew Jackson, Montgomery, Montgomery lst and 3d Tuesdays
    Source: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=moa;cc=moa;rgn=main;view=text;idno=AHK6782.0001.001

    Our family has a certificate for A MASTER MASON, Social Lodge, No. 63, Enon, Macon Co. Ala. stating that “JAMES M.[Martin] TURMAN has this day paid up all his dues and arrearages to this Lodge and is therefore in good standing. Dated 10th day of November, 1860. John W. Persons Secretary of Social Lodge
    From ‘Description of Enon’: “The second story of the school house was a Masonic lodge. The two smallest front rooms were used with the consent of the Masons for school purposes.”

    We also have a Tribute of Respect submitted by the Felix Lodge No. 124, Midway, Alabama on 18 Jan 1866, for “John M. Brantley who was cruelly murdered on Tuesday night, 16 inst, in Enon, Macon County, Ala.” Submitted by T. A. Craven, L. L. Guery, W. C. Jordan, Comm.
    Note: John M. Brantley, age about 21, was a clerk in the store of Mr. James M. Pruett, at Enon, Ala. He slept on the premises. Murder reported in the 01-19-1866 Columbus Daily Enquirer. James M. Pruett offered a $600 reward.

    John’s father, Wm. Brantley, a Shoe Merchant in Midway, Ala. In 1860, was a partner in Sep 1858 with James M. Pruett. They owned a Tan Yard at Midway [Pruett & Brantley].

    Alabama – History – Masonic Biography and Dictionary
    Copyright. All rights reserved. http://files.usgwarchives.net/al/chambers/history/masonic.txt

    I would appreciate hearing from folks interested in these Lodges or the history of Midway, Alabama. [email protected]

    46 Harmony Eufaula, Barbour Co. 2d and 4th Saturday –

    William Augustus Alston, born Aug 1852 in Georgia
    In 1910, he lived at 77 Jernigan Road, Eufaula, Barbour Co., Alabama

    Alabama Deaths, 1908-59 Certificate 3241 Volume 1:
    January 15, 1912 William A Alston, a Merchant, died in Barbour Co., AL.
    Burial Place: Eufaula.

    A great grandson wrote: “I inherited a cemetery deed to a plot in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL, but I don’t know who is buried there. I have often wondered if it might be William Augustus.”
    “Dated 18 Jan., 1912, it is lot number 29 in Presbyterian Addition in the Masonic cemetery in the City of Eufaula. The deed is from Harmony Lodge to Mrs. W. A. Alston.”
    It is witnessed by E. R. West, H. C. Holleman and H. Lampley. Committee for Harmony Lodge – No. 46. Eufaula, Alabama.
    Notes: I think that this is Harmon Lampley Jr., b. 1888, who married the daughter of H. C. Holleman (Henry Coker Holleman), a Eufaula photographer. Edward R. West was the Chairman of the Cemetery Committee.

    I hope that someone can confirm if William Augustus Alston, is buried in Eufaula

    We have a November 19, 1875 Invitation to Knights Templar party, New Masonic Hall Eufaula, Ala. Friday evening.
    The Comm. of Invitation included B. B. Comer, Spring Hill, Ala. and A. H. [Augustus Holmes] Alston, Fort Browder, Ala.
    [Knights Templar: A man belonging to a Masonic order in the United States.]

    I would appreciate hearing from folks interested in this Lodge or the Alstons who lived in the Eufaula area.
    [email protected]

  8. My grandfather Goodwin was a freemason…he left my father his ring and bible which my oldest brother has now.

  9. Love the information provided.

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  11. A friend emailed the info on your website. I have now subscribed.

    I have been writing articles on Women in the Masonic Family (which always has to include info on the Master Mason) for the Eastern Star Journal. This is a quarterly magazine published by General Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Star. I have had nine articles published. I also write “event” articles (one issue had five articles of Women and events–one did not have a byline, but the others did). There are about six submitted and not yet published. The most recent published “Women” article was about “Fanny” Gordon, wife of Gen’l John B. Gordon of Georgia. I have submitted an article on the Governors Wallace. They were OES members in Montgomery.

    The purpose of this comment is two fold: the articles are great and I would like permission to use some of the information in the “Masonic” articles in some of my articles. Obviously, appropriate credit will be given.

    Thank you for your time and a wonderful website

    1. Yes, you have my permission as long as appropriate credit is given. Thanks for asking.

    2. Mrs. Marston, I am a Master Mason in NC and a relative of Gov. George Wallace. I am writing about him and his life and was wondering if I could use with permission your information about George and Lurleen’s Masonic connections.

  12. What is known of Bolivar Lodge in Stevenson, AL?

  13. Would love to be able to post a A picture of the first Masonic Lodge in Huntsville Alabama. I have a penciled drawing from my grandparents oak chest, given to them from there parents, that depicts the lodge as it was in 1820

    1. Can you scan it in .jpg format and send it to me at [email protected]? I can post it with the article on the Masonic Lodge.

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