1. The Spanish Flu pandemic …

  2. MAJ Max Adams Morris, KIA-BNR Korea, 28-Nov-1950 My maternal grandfather, Joseph Walker Morris, MD, died in the 1918 influenza epidemic in Blount County, Alabama. He died when my Mother (Ruby Alene Morris Fite) was less than two years old. Mother’s younger brother, my Uncle Max, MAJ Max Adams Morris, KIA-BNR Korea, 28-Nov-1950, was born after the death of his Father. My maternal grandmother (Ruby Adams Morris) died in 1954 from complications with diabetes but mostly from a broken heart over the loss of her youngest child, my Uncle Max, on the east side of the Chosin Reservoir in DPRK. Uncle Max was XO of the 57th FA Bn within the 31st RCT, 7th ID, aka TF Maclean/Faith. DPAA has a mtDNA sample from me to hopefully identify the remains of my Uncle Max. I am the last living family member to have seen my Uncle Max alive; my Aunt Sarah Alice Finley Morris Winter(dec), my Mother (dec), and I traveled with him cross-country in the summer of 1950 for his deployment. I long for the day when we “…beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks…”

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