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PATRON + RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Black-eyed peas – mashed or not mashed?

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  1. I saw them deep-fried on the show Chopped. The judges raved over them!

  2. Do not mash and serve with turnip greens or any greens and cornbread!
    peas for luck, greens for money(prosperity). This is the way our family born and raised in Alabama ate them every New Year’s day!

  3. Love um, with Onion& thin cornbread, yum!

  4. As a child we were permitted to mash our peas and sprinkle hot pepper sauce over them……..and the collard greens also got the pepper sauce.

  5. I have been searching for Crowder peas in cans for years. Rarely do I find then. I love them. Daddy loved what he called Field peas, I guess that is the fresh purple hulled peas that are called Crowder? Yes, Daddy sometimes mashed his peas and sprinkled pepper sauce over them. He also raised tiny hot green peppers that he ate with them, Sweat would pour off this head and he kept eating them. What are those called?

    1. You are probably talking about Ghost Peppers. Very Small and VERY,VERY HOT.

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