1. By age 40, she’s worked herself into old age.

  2. This explains the color of the fabrics in a couple of utility quilts from this time period.

  3. I was born in Eden, Alabama in 1939 and had several relatives in the area. Makes me wonder if this might have been an Aunt or cousin.

  4. Maybe that’s why they looked so old. I remember when it was shocking for a woman to wear red but I wore it anyway. I loved color and I figured if my God created all the beautiful colors in nature He must love it too.

  5. My family has lived in Eden for six generations. I don’t know who those women are they have to be my kin!

  6. I had no idea there were Alabama women so bound by rural traditions that late in the twentieth century.

  7. Well, if we ever have a Super Bowl in Alabama, I hope they make sure to tell J-Lo and Shakira. 😉

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