1. We been there aint we Candy Banks.then to hospital to sew up your noggin.Told you not to run

    1. I spent a few nights on board with the Scouts. That running always got somebody hurt.

    2. Us Munford folks cause commotion where ever we go. My sister Debby had a claustrophobic panic attack in the belly of the ship and had to be carried out! You went to high school with her!

  2. I grew up fasinated by this mighty ship…always loved the star at Christmas..

  3. It was an honor today, to visit the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis,Md. I saw the young faces and know we have nothing to fear except our own resolve.

  4. I remember collecting pennies to dredge the bay to bring the USS Alabama here( was the early 60’s)

    1. I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding us.

    2. I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding us.

    3. And while in school standing outside for the donations to move her to Mobile.

    4. I think every child in school then helped raise money to get her home. I still have the life time pass they gave out for raising a certain amount..

      1. Yes I also still that ticket!

    5. My dad told me stories of him doing that . Wish he were still here to tell me more

  5. Yvonne I remember that doing that in 1962 I was in 2nd grade.

  6. I spent the night on this ship a couple of times as a scout leader. Amazing experience.

  7. I spent the night on this ship a couple of times as a scout leader. Amazing experience.

  8. Is it still there? Seems I heard it had been removed, it and the USS Drum, a submarine, too. Sure hope not. One of my greatest memories is of coveting every inch with my dad as my tour guide. Before we finished we had a group of about 25, 2 being employees! He was fascinating. He had not served on a battleship, but an escort, USS Eldridge of the Philadelphia Experiment fame. He still knew secret hiding places and cubby holes in the darndest p!aces. Great memories!!

    1. Yes, she’s still there. They removed the SS Drum from the water. The Drum is now sitting in part of the parking lot.

    2. Battleship Memorial Park celebrated our 53rd birthday in January. We are the home to the National Historic Landmarks battleship USS ALABAMA, submarine USS DRUM and our Aircraft Pavilion which houses our historic aircraft and military vehicle collection. We are so glad you have these wonderful memories of your father. Please visit us again!

  9. Is it still there? Seems I heard it had been removed, it and the USS Drum, a submarine, too. Sure hope not. One of my greatest memories is of coveting every inch with my dad as my tour guide. Before we finished we had a group of about 25, 2 being employees! He was fascinating. He had not served on a battleship, but an escort, USS Eldridge of the Philadelphia Experiment fame. He still knew secret hiding places and cubby holes in the darndest p!aces. Great memories!!

    1. Yes it is still in mobile al and open daily to public… U can reserve times to stay the night

      1. Our overnight program is limited to Scouts, church youth groups and ROTC. Please visit our website for information on the Overnight Program. Thanks –

    2. Wow! When my family went it was just open for tours! Gotta get busy making a plan! Thanks

  10. She’s still there and still open to the public! The drum is still there too but has been pulled out of the water and is setting high and dry in the park!

  11. Served on the USS Iowa bb-61 the ships r amazing seen all the guns fire in Guantanamo bay during the eighties

  12. The ship being launched in the video is not the Alabama, no big guns and it’s too small.

    1. Turrets were not installed in dry dock. Tall in the draft because its just a hull. No tonnage or oil in the tanks.

  13. I watched it the day it was being towed into Mobile Bay. I was working at Brookley AFB at the time and took a photo.

  14. Enjoyed my visit on both…. When I was there visiting while seeing the DRUM San actual crew member came on with some friend…. He told all about things that happened while he. Was a crew member….we were lucky to get by chance to hear his stories!

  15. Share photo Charlie hadden that would be great to see

  16. A great history. Visited her this past summer with my wife.

  17. Tim Wilson, I have been aboard this ship in Mobile Bay.just a couple of years ago. And the sub USS DRUM, was there, too…..Don’t think they’re going anywhere. The vintage airplanes, and other memorabilia are permanent…..

  18. I love working on her back in 1995-1997

  19. My first supervisor at Brookley AFB was a member of the Sheriff’s Flotilla that escorted the Alabama into Mobile Bay to it’s final resting place near the US 90 Causeway….1964.

  20. I have been to see it in Mobile, truly amazing. My father was a Cub Scout leader and he and the Cubs (Boy Scouts) got to stay the night in it.

  21. Been there many times. Rode by it a few weeks ago.

  22. I believe she is credited with 9 battle stars !!

  23. My Uncle’s name is on that ship.

    1. Your uncle must be a plank owner! Cool!

  24. Whut Appened To The 1st
    5 Named After a The US State Of Alabama ???
    Whurr Are They Now. ???
    Thnx Mr. Wolf Blitzer

    1. One is shipwrecked off the coast of England, but I think it’s a Confederate ship.

  25. We took the kids to see it when they were young..

  26. Thats so Beautiful. I want to go there and check that out and take pix of it too.

  27. Students donated toward bringing the US Alabama to the Causeway in 1965. We were given a free one time ticket for our donation. This is the ship’s 50th year here and the 50th reunion for my graduating class.

  28. Saw it in the way to New Orleans!

  29. It was an annual trip to take the Cub Scouts from Pac-10 at Northside Methodist Academy to the USS Alabama and spend the night. I would tell them stories of my Marine Corps days! Never once had an injury with any of the boys! Semper Fi

  30. Took my 2 young sons there many years ago!! We all love it!!

  31. I have been there I loved it. It was amazing

  32. I donated money too, still have the little receipt someplace into archives. Think was about 1961.

  33. William B. Walthall…. Thanks Bill. I’ve been on the USS Alabama many times. I always like seeing Bob Feller’s bunk. He was the Hall of Fame Pitcher with the Cleaveland Indians. I had a chance to meet him and talk to him one time. Great ship!

  34. I was in first grade when the call went out to all the students to help pay for the towing fees from the West coast to Mobile, (still a long distance record for sea towing I believe), for the Alabama. She was scheduled to be scrapped but everyone donated, campaigned and organized fund raisers and brought The ‘Lucky A’ home to Mobile in the ’60’s. I see her almost everyday — it’s a beautiful ship and a tribute to the people who built her.

  35. My family was on a vacation in 1968 and we stopped to see the USS Alabama. It was the highlight of my trip that year.

  36. I am staying less than a mile from it in Mobile this week.

  37. I have been on this battleship numerous times. I even had the privilege of spending the night on the battle ship with my grandson, for a boy scout event, years ago. I had a blast and will never forget it. Thank You Jason Alan Floyd for including me in your plans.

  38. Went aboard in Mobil years ago

  39. Been there several times when I lived in the area. My children & grandsons loved going there with my Dad who acted as our tour guide. He had served on the USS Rich.

  40. Old battleships always make me smile. I served briefly on the Wisconsin in the 80’s when she was pulled out of mothballs and recommissioned.

  41. yep it was back in the 60 when they did that so it could come in to the bay,,i also help with the pennies to

  42. I remember raising money to bring her to Mobile. I kept the pass they gave us for many years, I didn’t want to use it because it was important to me. As a history teacher I took my students on field trips to see her. When I was in my fifties I took my granddaughter to see her and was proud of myself for being able to still view her from top to bottom. I don’t know if you know this but the Alabama led the Missouri in to Tokyo harbor. The documents of surrender were signed on the deck of the Missouri because President Truman was from Missouri.

  43. My grandfather, Frank W. Smith, was a first gunners mate on the ship. I have his war diary from the Alabama.

    1. What a treasure you have!

  44. Here are the original Feb. 1942 film, photographs & speech of the USS Alabama battleship, which is now a museum ship in Mobile, Alabama, being launched. THERE! Fixed it.

  45. We children of Alabama was all taking up change to save this ship.

  46. I didn’t serve on her, but I helped to buy her. That’s MY battleship!

  47. Yes, we gave our change to help being her home

  48. I remember emptying coins from my piggybank and taking to school to help save her… what an honor and privilege. This small act gave us a connection to our state and nation.. Later we were able to tour Her in Mobile bay. We were all so PROUD to do our part…

  49. Raised money for this. Got a life time past, thought I’ll never get to see it and threw the past away.

  50. I sure did donate my pennies and nickels.

  51. We are Bless to have the USS Alabama. So many other ships end up in the scrap heap.

    1. And a lot were sunk with all men aboard… Glad we still have ours.

  52. We actually didn’t by the USS Alabama, she was given to the State of Alabama. We kids back in the early ’60’s raised money to have her towed from the mothball fleet in Bermerton, WA to Mobile, AL It cost about a million dollars and we kids raised about 100,000 dollars.

  53. 4th grade. Pennies. Lots of Monroe County pennies.

  54. I am from Mobile and gave money to bring her to Mobile

  55. Yes! I was in the 4th grade. I received a free admission pass to visit just for donating. I held onto that card for several years in hopes of seeing one day. To this day, I still haven’t been to see it.

    1. Last time I was there a few years ago I asked if anyone ever showed up with the free pass from school. I was told once in awhile they still see one that someone has held on to.

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  57. I remember giving dimes when I was in elementary school.

  58. I remember, I gave change and received a free pass too.

  59. I remember giving as a kid.

  60. I remember giving money to save the USS Alabama in elementary school. I remember how proud I felt that the ship was saved

    1. I too remember that Randy. Both of my grandsons have spent the night on the ship with their boy scout troop. The younger went this summer. While they were on the ship Nicholas Cage was filming a movie and allowed them to come on deck and watch. I wish I had been their, but no girls allowed.

    2. Becky McClendon Brady, that’s so cool !

    3. i was going to douglas at that time i think it was a quarter, is that becky that went to school with us and moved away???

  61. I donated change when I was a kid.

  62. I helped raise money to bring the Ship home.

  63. All I had that day was 10 cents but I gave it for the USS Alabama.

  64. Randy McClendon, I gave a quarter and I got a card good for one admission. I have been at least three times. I also contributed $15.00 to the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Lee Iacocca led the drive. We chaperoned Douglas band to New York and my name was on the list on computer at the base of the statue as a contributor! We were able to climb to the top and I took a photo of the twin towers, which we also toured.

  65. Sent in coins, years later spent the night on two different Scout trips. Can’t imagine what is must have been like with it full of sailors. What a great piece of history, that is worthy of support from our citizens.

  66. I know the naval chief in charge of the decommissioning of the u s s Alabama

  67. I’m lucky I get to see this ship several days a week, and so beautiful at night. Always amazed. Theresa not marc

  68. I gave a few cents, don’t remember when, and watched the progress as they towed the ship from the west coast to mobile. A few years ago I finally visited the great ship.

  69. I gave ….. 5th or 6 grade

  70. My memories are: the USS Alabama was in Seattle, WA, I think. They were trying to raise funds to bring it to Mobile. The schoolchildren raised funds for this. They gave you a little book with spaces to fill in. A lady came by your class in the morning and you could buy a sticker to fill in the book, they were .25 cents each. You would put the sticker in the book and when all the book was filled you got to tour the battleship for free.

  71. […] Here is the actual Feb. 1942 [film, photograph & speech] of the USS Alabama battleship being lau… […]

  72. […] Here is the actual Feb. 1942 [film, photograph & speech] of the USS Alabama battleship being lau… […]

  73. great tourist site for Mobile and so glad they preserved it. Always heard that a part of it is haunted. makes it more intriguing.

  74. Still have my free admission ticket from 1964.

  75. Will totally awe you to go aboard. At least it did me many years ago. A feeling like no other.

  76. This is the ship that taught me I could never go on a cruise. Several decks below I discovered I couldn’t see out. In a snap I was on deck and have never ventured below deck again on any ship. Talk about claustrophobia!!!!

    1. I guessing you did not go into the submarine that is there also!



    1. Same here. We brought in change as donations.

    2. At my school, we were asked to give a dime. I don’t remember getting a lifetime pass. It was a pretty smart way to collect money.

    3. I remember our school taking in money to save the ship. I don’t remember about the free pass. I have been aboard the great Lady several years past. Still love seeing her just off I-10 when in Mobile.

    1. You will certainly enjoy it; We were there once when they had a reunion of the vets that served on it during the war; It was awesome!

  78. It sure is beautiful sitting right here in Mobile Bay


  79. Awesome right here in Our area.

  80. Was in the 5th grade; remember very well the collection of change to get the ship to Alabama. Everyone that donated was given a free admission pass to visit the ship!

    1. I remember that so well!! I still had my free pass about 15 years later when I got the opportunity to use it. It was awesome.

  81. My dad took me down to the Big Pier in Fairhope on the day she was brought through the ships channel…could barely see here, but I sure was excited.

  82. Everytime I visit the USS Alabama which I have been numerous times, still gives me chill bumps!

  83. Have toured this great ship. Waved to her several weeks ago on our way to Florida. She is awesome!

  84. My Dad proudly served on this ship

  85. While in elementary school in Tuscaloosa, Ala., we gave money (probably quarters) to help bring this ship to Alabama. I have toured this warship and the submarine docked near it and can not comprehend how men could live in such cramped quarters, and fight battles on the high seas.

    1. Netta Holley still has her pass!

    2. The USS DRUM is the submarine


  87. My Boy Scout troop spent a weekend on USS Alabama in the mid-1980s. We had great time there!

    1. I remember that weekend. We all had a great time.

  88. Love going to the Alabama. I’ve given family members tutorial tours of her and the Drum, diesel electric submarine

  89. So let me get this right. The state of Alabama had to raise money to bring the ship home to be state monument or tourist attraction? I have never heard of this before reading some of the comments below!

  90. Spent the night on it in Boy Scouts.

  91. Plug , my father was one of the people for putting the Battleship. He piloted the tug ( or one of them ) . Random info !

  92. Been aboard her many times. She is a beautiful ship.

  93. I too remember us raising money in school to help bring this ship to Alabama and it wasnt quarters for us it was pennies and nickles! I also one itme spent the night on board with my son when he was in boy scouts!

  94. I remember well gave what I had in my pocket. Still have the pass card they gave me somewhere. I need to find it and put on here.

  95. I did the Cub Scout two years in a row. What fun we had.

  96. I was in the end grade and gave a dime to bring her back!!!

  97. On behalf of Battleship Memorial Park, I would like to thank Alabama Pioneers for this wonderful article. It warms our hearts to read all of the memories and experiences you have shared here. It is an honor for the staff to serve as stewards of the USS ALABAMA, and the USS DRUM. It was everyone across the state pulling together to help bring the USS ALABAMA to Mobile and install her as a veterans memorial, and now a WWII museum. Each year we welcome visitors from every state in the nation and tourists from across the globe. Your contributions helped create the park’s legacy. Thank you for being a part of the ALABAMA’s history.

  98. I help donate pennys at school for a few years to redo the ship.
    Elementary schools went to view after it was finished and set up.
    What a memory that was!

  99. My grandfather Captain Roy Tallon was on the tugboat that brought the USS Alabama back to Mobile.

  100. My grandfather was the captain of the tugboat that brought the ship to Mobile.

  101. I remember going on that after it was finished. Don’t remember much, but I know I went!

  102. Visited it years ago. Bob Feller’s ship. Seems like there was also an SR 71 Blackbird there.

  103. I used to enjoy the highway sign on I-10E that informed me I was now within range of her guns.

    1. James Manly Lee I remember that. I had forgot it until now.

    2. James Manly Lee I never seen it. Any idea how far away that was? Just curious.

    3. Challenging my memory, but at least in the ’90s into the early 2000’s. The other memorable sign was for the diner with the throwed rolls.

  104. Donated my 25 cents worth to the towing operation.

  105. Our school took up money to bring it home. What a great project.

  106. I also was one of the Alabama school children who donated to bring her home. I am still proud and love seeing every time I pass by. Especially love seeing the big American flag at the entrance to battleship park blowing in the wind.

  107. Funny to think that when this ship was retired and brought to Mobile, it was barely over 20 years old.

  108. I remember watching the dedication on TV My dad was on the ship.

  109. Been there. They had a WWII sub there also when I was there. Talk about cramped.

  110. I donated 25 cents, I still have the little card they gave us for free admission. We took our kids and grandkids several times, everyone should visit it. They also have a submarine ,an SR 71 Blackbird and other planes.

  111. I was one of those school kids who went to friends, neighbors and businesses collecting pennies, dimes, quarters and dollars to bring her home. We visited her shortly after she was opened to the public.

  112. And the USS Drum – wonder if it still there?

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