1. You know alabama was part of the Mississippi territory back in the day.

  2. Another good source is “The History of Alabama” published in 1857. Written by Albert Pickett.

    1. The best descriptions are when he relates what the British Spies were telling the Indians west of the Chattahoochie River what would happen to their land if the Georgian’s were allowed across. Thus keeping the Indians on the British side, both in the war for Independence, and the War of 1812.

    2. And they weren’t lying to the Indians!

  3. Many’s the time I have yearned to have seen this beautiful state 200 years prior.

    1. 210 years ago you would have been killed for being a White man in Alabama territory. 200 years ago (after Horseshoe bend) is when settlement begun.

  4. Even just to see it again as how things were when we were children! It truly was a naturally beautiful state! Some of the natural beauty has been preserved, but not nearly enough, IMHO.

  5. even to this day many who travel through Alabama en route to other states tell me how beautiful Alabama is. Makes me proud and also when I go home there is a different feeling about being in Alabama. I can tell I am home.

  6. I remember when Alabama really was beautiful and not just a slogan along the paved roads that destroyed it.

  7. My Foster people came from GA through Alabama, then after three deaths in the family in one year moved onto Louisiana.

  8. dident know they had color photography back than

  9. My ancestors moved through Georgia and settled in Wedowee in the mid 1800’s.

    1. Clem Clapp Yes, mine originally moved from Union County, South Carolina. Moved to Elbert County and Walton County Georgia in mid 1800’s, then to Wedowee.

  10. I have relatives that came from Georgia and settled in Randolph County, Beans.

  11. My relatives are from Wedowee. Parker and Campbell.

  12. Roxanne Daughtry. This is a good story

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