1. In Flags That Have Flown Over Alabama, the author, while correctly including the Confederacy’s First National Flag (The Stars and Bars), omits the 2nd and 3rd National Flags of the Confederate States of America of which Alabama was a part. Also, not so sure you could correctly say that the Battle Flag flew over the State of Alabama. It was a Battle Flag only. It was not a state flag for the State of Alabama or a national flag for the Confederate States of America.

    1. Glad you caught the “flags over the capitol” apparent error. I was about to offer a similar suggestion. Too many people forget the difference between the official CSA flags and the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (the “Battle Flag”) I also noted the US Flag is conspicuously missing from the displayed flags. I hope the webpage administrator can correct that error with some haste.

  2. I don’t know exactly how we are related yet, but I am pretty sure I am related to them. My family is from that area and starting with the patriarchs who came to that area of Alabama, each child in each generation had about 16 or 17 kids who lived to adulthood, so there are a lot of them to trace to figure out how exactly we are related. 🙂

  3. Cross of st andrews from the Scottish flag.

    1. Richard – Actually, it is the cross of Saint Patrick, NOT Saint Andrew. Check out this history of the British Union Jack. Anon also states that the Battle flag was actually ONLY used in Battle by Confederate troops. This was to prevent “friendly fire”.

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