1. […] to coastal Alabama. The Creek had reluctantly granted access via treaty for this horse path. When West Florida was annexed from Spain in 1810, this added to the need for a […]

  2. Yes, but not sure we could stand ourselves with all those extra miles of coastline. Hmmm, would love to try though.

  3. Only if we get all of Santa Rosa Island and Ft Pickens St Park with free access to all those from Alabama

  4. Fort Pickens is a national park. Just FYI.

    1. For your information.

  5. Just think, Carla Moody Weatherly, you could have been born in Alabama if this had gone through.

    1. I still would have gone to Auburn University. War Eagle!!!!!!!

  6. Panama City Alabama!!! PCA!!

  7. Born in Alabama, raised in Northwest Florida, I tell people I’m from L.A. (Lower Alabama) Roll Tide!

  8. I thought it was! Born in south Florida, live in Hoover Al. for 25 Years. Came back home in 2001. Still love and miss Alabama

  9. Yeah, let West Florida (panhandle) secede and become its own country. 🙂

  10. For the money, yes, but then alabama would look like a box

  11. Ya should,Dothan is like what a little over 30 minutes from Panama City!

  12. Only if they take Tallahassee too!

  13. Love the history lessons on this site. Thank you.

  14. Hey Rick Sellers they are not talking about the beach goofy

  15. We don’t want them idiots in Alabama

  16. We need to take care of what we own. First. Then worry about some swap

  17. No. Alabama laws suck. FLORIDA KICKS ASS..

  18. No Florida sucks!

    1. Awesome come back!!

  19. I’ve wondered about this for a long time. The state lines make no sense. Thanks for the history!

  20. Who the hell would want Escambia County and all their problems. No on this let Florida keep their crap hole.

  21. The deal should have been done a long time ago but at this late date it needs to stay the way it is. West Florida is the only thing keeping the electoral votes from becoming another new york or commiefornia.

  22. […] via Alabama signed a tentative agreement to purchase West Florida for $1,000,000 – this is what happen…. […]

  23. One Alabama newspaper said this was nonsense to offer Florida one million dollars for sand and gopher holes.

  24. Are you speaking about lower Alabama?

    1. Raymond Otis Yawn yes, L.A. LOL