1. Shane Chambless

    Thought Childersburg was the first town that was settled

    1. Mobile was first white settlement in Alabama, not native American.

  2. Francine Parker

    Thank you, I learned something this morning! Very interesting article!

  3. I have been to massacre island. It was very interesting.

  4. Derek Williams

    Mardi Gras was started in Mobile. New Orleans came later.

    1. About 150 years later. City fathers from Mobile traveled to New Orleans to help the city get started with all the odds and ends required to establish a Mardi Gras.

  5. Linda Mcknight

    This is beautiful!!! Linda McKnight

  6. […] [Are you looking for something to do this during these dreary winter months? Then check out Mobile, Alabama, the original of Mardi Gras celebrations. Mardi Gras celebrations start early in Mobile, Alabama and will officially kick off this Saturday, January 9, 2016 with the first parade of the season on Dauphin Island, the Krewe de la Dauphine at 1:00 p.m. (Read about the history of Mardi Gras and Dauphin Island in the Have you ever heard of Massacre Island in Mobile, Alabama?) […]

  7. Jennie Jolly

    Just read mother account of the original organized Mardi Gras in 1703 in Mobile.

  8. […] Rings at 2:00 p.m. (see route -DIP) (Read about the history of Mardi Gras and Dauphin Island in the Have you ever heard of Massacre Island in Mobile, Alabama?) Mobile’s Carnival season goes on for three weeks with more than 50 groups organize parades, […]

  9. […] burial ground that is rumored to be watched over by supernatural specters at night. (See story: Have you ever heard of Massacre Island in Mobile, Alabama?) “Since that “spirited” beginning, the whispers and shadowy folklore surrounding Dauphin […]

  10. Anthony Bryan Taylor

    Massacre island is actually bloody island which is translated from Spanish at foot of the African town bridge is the site if the original fort site a
    Stevenson actually came afterwards

  11. […] Alabama is the birthplace of the first Mardi Gras in America. [See the story: Have you ever heard of Massacre Island in Mobile, Alabama?]  Every day from January 27, 2016 until 'Fat Tuesday' on February 9, 20116, Mobile will be […]

  12. I was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1929, educated in the Academy of the Visitation, on Springhill, Avenue, and was the first Secretary to the first Manager of Bel Air Mall before moving to Houston, Tx. in 1981. I still miss it! Great place to have grown up in.

  13. On Massacre Island they discovered a mountain of bones, Indian braves and “squares”?

  14. wow. from Mobile and did not even know the original name of Dauphin island was “massacre island”. Yes I tell everybody I know that MOBILE was the first mardi gras NOT New Orleans and we always knew that Mobile was the more “tame” Mardi Gras to attend. lol

  15. […] Did you know that Mardi Gras started on Massacre Island? […]

  16. I lived in Mobile from the time I was 10 until I was 26….I wish I had never moved in many ways..Greatest place to grow up. Spent many wonderful times at Dauphin Island…Would move back in a heartbeat, if I could. I miss it everyday.

  17. Dianna S. Rogers

    Stay away during spring break!

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