PATRON + Alabama Supreme Court convened May 8th – this is what happened and these were the first cases

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  1. Please identify the photos. Did they build that building in Cahawba or is it the building in Montgomery?

    1. This is the building in Montgomery today. I labeled it on the page now. Thank you for the question.

  2. I love all of this history.My ggggrandfather Archibald McCarver,was living in Lawrence,county,was a Revolutionary soldier,died there.My ancestors are many in Alabama.I am a member of the DAR through his son,John.

    1. I am related to an Archibald McCarver and he lived in Lawrence County. Do you have any pictures to share of him or descendants? I have some of probably his sons. Some of the pictures I am trying to date without much luck. I inherited the photos from my Father and Uncle so I have more than usual.

      1. No, I do not have any pictures of him at this time. Good luck in your research.

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