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  1. Hello, Donna ~
    We would very much appreciate the opportunity to correct some spelling & typographical in your Biography: Dr. Milton LeGrand Wood born 1855
    – particularly “LeGrand” (rather than “Le Grande”)
    – and also EvElina Alexander Barnes Wood (rather than EvAlina Wood)
    – William Chambers LeGrand was not a son of Pierre LeGrand, but of John LeGrand (c1770-1816) and Margaret Chambers
    – Milton LeGrand Wood’s death needs to be corrected to 1924 (from 192e)
    – And the url you have for Green Wood’s page at our website (Source# 2) should be (not

    Thanks so much for spreading the word about our Alabama ancestors! I haven’t checked all of the dates, &c, but if it is possible to make corrections, I’ll do a more thorough job . . . ~ Elsa

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