1. I think we went there when we were in 4th grade,,

  2. When Mrs. ligon lived there her butler let me come visit. I think I remember an electric seat on the stairs.

  3. I played on the back stairs when I was a kid.

  4. Need to move the current gov into a 45k double wide in Dothan. Hopefully his ex will do just that.

  5. I once, as a boy,jumped the back fence so I could see the Alabama shaped pool.

  6. Was the prior owner a member of the Sabel Steel Company?

  7. Now the crook in office wastes $109M on a run down mansion so he can throw parties on the beach.

  8. Alabama…always 50 years behind!

  9. I think Bentley should be rooming with Siegelman.

  10. is bentley meeting his girlfriend there?