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Too hot outside? Time to reminisce with these pictures from the beach in 1967

Panama City Beach, Florida has always been a favorite destination to cool off from the summer heat of Alabama. Though they are not Alabama pioneers, I thought it would be fun to reminisce with these old photographs.  I discovered the pictures of unidentified teenagers at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. They were taken during Spring Break of March 1967.

The pictures are part of the Jim Peppler Southern Courier collection at the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Do you know any unidentified people in the pictures? You can click on the linked code under the pictures to tell the Alabama State Archives who they are.

Images of teenagers at Panama City Beach, Florida, during spring break March 1966 (Alabama Department of Archives and History)Teenagers at Panama City Beach during Spring Break 

These pictures are from a spread called “Weekend Whoopee in Panama City which appeared on Page 3 of the Southern Courier March 26-27, 1967.  Click this link to see the issue online.

Images of teenagers at Panama City Beach, Florida, during spring break March 1966 Q83487 (Alabama Department of Archives and History)Q83487

Teenagers_at_Panama_City_Beach_Florida_during_spring_break (4) Q83496Q83496

Images of teenagers at Panama City Beach, Florida, during spring break March 1966 Q83487 (Alabama Department of Archives and History)Q83487

Teenagers_dancing_at_Panama_City_Beach_Florida_during_spring_break Q83488Q83488

Teenagers_dancing_at_Panama_City_Beach_Florida_during_spring_break (2) Q83493Q83493

Teenagers_dancing_at_Panama_City_Beach_Florida_during_spring_break (3) Q83492Q83492

Teenagers_dancing_at_Panama_City_Beach_Florida_during_spring_break (4) Q83490Q83490

Teenagers Panama City Beach Q83489Q83489

Teenagers_at_Panama_City_Beach_Florida_during_spring_break (1) Q83495Q83495

Teenagers_dancing_at_Panama_City_Beach_Florida_during_spring_break (5) Q83497Q83497


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  1. Linda Swanstrom, Wanda Belsher — did you ladies ever go PC for spring break. This looks like the Hangout.

  2. Yes, the Hangout..went there just about every summer in my teens. Fun pkace!

  3. A couple of people I see in these photos look like people I know from Troy

  4. Miss those days & the Hangout!

  5. Oh barb so cute were we ever so free & happy !

  6. the Hangout and Miracle Strip Amusement Park in the mid to late 60s will forever be a treasured memory. Any photos from that time would be appreciated!

  7. Have family movie reels of vacationing in Panama City from 1957 to 1965. The city looks totally different.

  8. I wasn’t there in 67, but sure was in 68. I hope there are no pictures floating around from that trip.

  9. Yep – have great memories of going to PC – I lived in Ozark, so it wasn’t a far drive.

    1. Thanks for the correction Locksley. My spelling gets worse the older I get and my spellcheck didn’t catch that one. Duh….

    2. Thank you for the correction Locksley. Spell check didn’t catch it.

  10. The Hangout in Panama City Beach . Circa, ‘50s.

    1. Cayce Rumsey In the mid 60s it was big concrete slab w/ juke box at each end.

    2. Daniel F Stinson . Same in ‘50s. It was partially covered.

  11. “Let it all hang out …….”

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