1. This is great information for those of us who is lived in the Birmingham area for so long and did not know Insley was the first airport


  3. I grew up in Central Park and it was never identified as Ensley if we are talking about the same place and I believe we are. Central Park Flying Service could still be seen written on the hangar.

  4. I grew up in Ensley, graduated from Ensley High School. Good memories.

  5. I would think more Central Park!!!

  6. would this be near the fairgrounds?

  7. Between Central Park and Green Acres

  8. My uncle Gardner was a pilot. I went up with him sitting in my dad’s lap at about 4 or 5 years old. Wiley Post taught him to fly. Great job Mr. Post.

  9. The Central Park Field was called Messer Field not Roberts Field. It was constructed by Glenn Messer but did not serve as the Municipal Airport. Messer field was open until 1946. This website has a map and more pictures of the early airfields. http://www.airfields-freeman.com/AL/Airfields_AL_Birmingham.htm

    1. Central Park Airport (Messer Field) was open a couple of years after 1946. My Father Donnal Stafford Leaned to fly from this field and the year would have been 1947 or 1948. My Father leaned to fly on the G.I. Bill and he did not get home from WWII until 1946. My older brother and I would go flying with him and sometimes we would fly from central Park to Robert’s field which was also still open then. I think both closed around 1949.
      Jerry Stafford

  10. Roberts Field was were the Glenn High School property is now on the south side of I59 just west of Arkadelphia Road.
    Central park airport was at the southern end of Avenue Q in Central Park. Its last sranding buildings burned in the 70’s. Charles Lindberg gave flying lessons at this location.

  11. I grew up on Graymont Ave and walked down to Roberts Field many time to watch the men flt RC and static line model planes . We used to shoot .22 rifles at cans in Village Creek next to Roberts Field .There was still a hanger with a coupla planes in it in the early to mid fifties .

  12. Eddie Key is this Republic industrial park? Where Dillard paper was?

  13. Me and my three brothers were at the field all the time playing ball and flying guide wire planes. It was like growing up with the biggest backyard play ground. Never were bored with the things to do at the field and woods.
    Miss the old place and old neighborhood on 17th street.

  14. Is that the one in Central Park?

    1. Judy Peoples No. Central Park airfield lasted until late 40s, early 50s (?)

    2. I know the one ur referring to, my parents bought their house there. I remember riding my bike don the street where there were two hangers, which later they tore down and built a couple more houses. It was rite down off Bessemer hwy, at the end of 57th Street. Not far from Central Park school. I went to Green Acres though.

  15. Nope Robert’s Field. Close to B’ham Southern College and old Glenn High school.I 59/20 is the runway now.

  16. Fred has the location right. The airport at Central Park and Robert’s field were two separate places. My father used his GI Bill to learn to fly at the Central Park Airport about 1947/48. My brother and I use to fly with my Dad from Central Park Airport and sometimes we would go over and land at Robert’s Field. The above would make you think that Robert’s Field was closed around 1941. I can say for sure it was open until about 1949/50. My Grandparents home was in Shadyside next to Roberts Field and in the early 50’s I saw a a guy try to make a parachute jump from a small plane over the field. He pulled his chute to soon an It became tangled in the tail of the plane and it dove into the high voltage power lines on the west side of the field. The pilot was killed but the parachutist was cut free and survived. Also in the middle to late 30’s the Alabama National Guard had a Calvary unit on Robert’s Field and had stables and keep their horses there. Damn I’m feeling old!

    1. Jerry Stafford Yes u r getting older than me.
      I lived in Shadeyside till 1947 on 19th street down the hill from Deluxe cleaners and Shadyside Drug store. I played around Robert’s Field.
      Glenn High School was built there.

    2. My Grandparents house was second house up the hill on Bush Blvd. next to Drug store you remember Dr. Williams?

  17. Roberts field? near old Glenn HS

  18. I have a g-g-grandfather who lived in Central Park in Sept. 1929. Do I read here correctly that Central Park was renamed Ensley? (thanks in advance for your help.)

    1. No, Central Park is still Central Park. It is near Ensley.

  19. Does anyone remember the airport that was located in Central Park? I think the area now is called Green Acres.

    1. Thomas Strickland that must have been long, long ago. I grew up in Green Acres from 1955 onward…

    2. Its Roberts Field on the corner of 58th St. Ens. which borders Green Acres and Central Park.

    3. Kathy Hopper The Hangar hung around for awhile after airport closed.

    4. We used to go to the airport and watch Bi-Planes take off and land. That was around 1952-1953.

    5. 10 years old, I saw one crash in 1946 or 47. Test pilot was killed.

  20. Penny Callaway Beard, It must be… All of Vinesville,Belview Heights,Central Park had Ensley Street Signs..

  21. Dixie Field was owned and operated by Glenn E. Messer, who Messer Airport Highway is named for.

    Mr. Messer also designed and built the “Air Boss”, aircraft right here in Birmingham.

    He later owned Alabama Instrument and was one of the Founders of our Southern Museum of Flight. He is enshrined in the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame and held one of the first pilot’s licenses ever issued by what is now the FAA.

  22. We lived about a mile south of it in Bush Hills. Model airplane hobbyists flew there.

  23. Roberts Field near old Glenn High School

  24. My parents moved to Green Acres/Central Park in 1959. One of the old hangers stood for years. I believe it finally was torn down. The Green Acres community was built on property around the runway. Thank you for sharing. I always wanted to know more history of the old airport.

  25. Roberts Field next to old Glenn High School

  26. Eddie Key isn’t this where Dillard was?


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