Auburn football was started by Dr. George Petrie [see his bicycle built for two in this vintage film]

Auburn officially began competing in intercollegiate football in 1892. The first Iron Bowl Game between the University of Alabama and Auburn took place at Lakeview Park in Birmingham on February 22, 1893. Auburn walk away with a 32-22 victory.

From the time of the series’ conception until a 6-6 tie in 1907, Auburn dominated, winning seven of 11 games.

Auburn spring 1892 – Auburn’s first football team


The organization of Auburn’s first football team is credited to Dr.George Petrie, who led the 1892 Tigers to a 2–2 record. Dr. George Petrie, a history and Latin professor who played football himself at Johns Hopkins University.

Auburn Football Team 1893


Petrie is considered the founder of both the History Department and the Graduate School, as well as the school’s athletic program.

Dr. George Petrie

Dr. George Petrie

Petrie also chose burnt orange and navy blue as the official colors for Alabama athletic teams, which was inspired by his alma mater, the University of Virginia.

1895 Georgia-Auburn Game at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia

1895 Georgia-Auburn football Piedmont Park

The first game was against the University of Georgia at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Auburn won, 10–0, in front of a crowd of 2,000.In an era when coaching was a part-time job, Auburn had five different coaches in its first eight seasons.

John Heisman

john heisman

The first full-time coach was John Heisman, who went 12-4-2 from 1895-99 before achieving national success at Georgia Tech; the Heisman Trophy is named for him.

Mike Donahue

Mike Donahue

Auburn’s most successful coach in the early years was Mike Donahue, whose teams won 99 games and finished undefeated three times in two stints from 1904-06 and 1908-22.


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  9. Wasn’t he the guy that invented dishes? Named after him? (I never embraced chemistry)

    1. The PETRI dish was named after it’s inventor, German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri. They are typically used in biology, usually microbiology…not chemistry. Auburn’s Dr. George Petrie taught History and Latin.

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  13. Donald Davis Auburn football history.

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  16. UVA man who brought UVA’s orange and blue uniforms with him to Auburn.

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  21. The game wasn’t nicknamed “Iron Bowl” until after the series was restarted.

    1. Auburn’s head coach, Ralph”Shug “Jordan was first to refer Bama-Aub. game as The Iron Bowl.

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  25. My great-grandfather refereed the first game in the Deep South between Auburn and Georgia having previously played football at Princeton in 1888-90.

  26. Bama placed southern football on the radar with wins in the rose bowl and the SEC hasn’t looked back.

  27. The term “iron bowl” was not associated with this game.

  28. Familiar with the history, but never seen the clip. There are still a hand full of those buildings left, but so much has changed just since I was there I think it is no wonder when my Dad went back he had trouble recognizing where stuff was. He wouldn’t even know it was where he went now.