Over time, it seems barns develop a personality and become beautiful

Alabama barns over the years take on a character of their own. These photos by Carol Highsmith bring back memories of olden days.

The barn below, near Gadsden, Alabama, has seen better days but is still defiantly standing

barn falling gadsden

The lean-to on the side looks sturdy but I’m not so sure about the restbarn route 11 gadsden

I love the red cow on this one!

barn with red cow

I bet this house and barn have many stories to tellhouse and barn route 11 near gadsden

I love the flowers and wreath on this one. They are so homey.route 11 near gadsden barn

Looks like this barn has served another purpose at Point Clear, AlabamaPoint Clear club 98 barn

Shed and barn in Monroe County, Alabamamonroe county barns

This one has good shelter from the sunThis one has good shelter from the sun

And of course, he is the main reason to have a barnroute 11 near gadsden cows

Photos from The George F. Landegger Collection of Alabama Photographs in Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

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  1. Alabama has such a rich heritage of structures. From antebellum homes to covered bridges, courthouses, and barns. All unique and beautiful.

  2. love barns, have an album on my page just of area barns

  3. Every ‘out’ building is not a barn