1. been nice, if it had been located in georgia

    1. As an Auburn fan… I agree.

  2. Love my church and this school! War Eagle!

    1. Their research keeps your cows alive.

  3. Typical bama riff raff has to comment on everything Auburn. I guess that it make them feel classy instead of classless

  4. I am proud to say that one of my ancestors was an early Auburn grad, a legacy that continued through generations down to my parents.
    “Franklin McLemore Moseley graduated at Auburn 1892
    with highest honors and earned the first degree in Electrical Engineering ever conferred in Alabama. Member of SigmaNu fraternity, Rotary Club, etc. Most active in founding and supporting Perry Street (later St. Mark s) Methodist Church. Founded Moseley Electric Company.
    Address: Montgomery, Ala., 11 Noble Ave.”
    From the book George Shackelford and Annette Jeter and their Descendants, published 1941.

  5. I HAD NO IDEA……..

  6. Wow, just imagine if Auburn were just a few minutes from The University of Alabama? Wonder how the football programs would have turned out? I had no idea about this Alabama history.

  7. I knew!
    I have seen photos of Old Main, check out the digital collection of AU photos. Google Auburn Digital photos.
    You know the oldest building on campus was moved from the girls college. It was closed before the war, after only East Alabama reopen. They moved the girls chapel (now Langdon Hall) taking down the steeple, to their campus to use as class room space/ then auditorium.. AU also is one of a handful of city/colleges in US to be granted a Carnegie Library…to meet the matching grant it took both to raise money…why AU Library has remained open to the public.

  8. Ruthe Shaddix Perdue

  9. Auburn wasn’t auburn till later it was actually called Alabama poly technical institute originally