1. Razed? How sad. What’ there now?

  2. Interesting, but will probably offend some.

  3. Needs to be torn down nothing about the civil war needs to be left standing ☹️

    1. So tear down every single thing that was built before 1864?

    2. No southern born and proud of it! With all the African American taking down all of my heritage monuments this should be torn down also. Anything that offends the African people in America. Well this offends me!!

      1. Can anyone figure out this is a highly uneducated LIBERAL!

    3. Then I am thinking that if you start tearing down everything about the Civil War, Grant and Lincoln’s movements should come down too.

    4. Yes all like it never happened that’s what the African want!!!!!

      1. No that is what the Communist want. Go educate yourself. One of the ten points of Marxist, written by Karl Marx clearly states “Dumb down your public education system. Then tear down or destroy all of history, then you can easily over throw any group of people.”

    5. This is not a “Civil War” house. It is my family home built in the late 1820s and was a textbook example of a Tidewater style house built in Alabama. If every Civil War era structure was torn down that would wipe out a lot of towns, north and south.

  4. Such an important time in history, should be restored.

  5. It most definitely does not need tearing down morons nothing left of civil

  6. We need to remember and learn from this era. It is so important to not repeat our mistakes.

  7. “If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it,” or something like that.

  8. Well the” African American ” people are tearing down monuments from the civil war so should all be torn down. Just a southern mans opinion.

  9. How many generations does it take for the blacks to be Just Americans instead of African Americans.

    1. Never.

      They don’t want to be “Americans”…

      If they quit bitching and threatening white people, they’ll have to actually WORK for a living….

  10. It is such a shame the house was tore down but , it had to be it was in such ill repair, I grew up in Millbrook, and the house was a landmark everyone new the Zeigler house, and up to 20 years ago there was a Zeigler family memeber living in the house, now it did not look like that in the picture but you could close your eye’s and see what it use to look like years ago.

  11. It was torn down a year or two ago

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