Author: Sherry Johnstone

I am a genealogist/historian for a municipal library in my hometown of Evergreen, Conecuh County, AL. I help people from all over the world research their family trees. It's rewarding work, though very low-pay, so I moonlight as a genealogist as well. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them discover the keys to their family puzzles. I also write a weekly newspaper column for our local weekly paper, The Evergreen Courant, called Written in Stone, which features cemeteries in our region. I am passionate about cemetery preservation. I've been 'in charge' of the genealogical department at the library for last 10 or so years--hard to believe I've been here this long, again, already. I worked 10+ years for the City of Evergreen in the position of Director of the Animal Control Dept before going into business with my dad for several years; then, finally found my niche in the field of family research! It's been great! Not great pay, but great dividends in meeting wonderful people from all over the world! I so enjoy history and preservation, family and solving ancestral puzzles for folks, and getting the opportunity to write about it all! One day, I'm gonna finish that book! Email: [email protected] My website:
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