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Are creeks still used for baptism today?

The spirit is willing but the creek was cold


Shannon Hollon

I remember a few years ago me and my 2 boys(Justin and Jake) were baptized in Roupes creek down below the old Tannehill ironworks. Jake(6 years old at the time) asked if he could get baptized, I told him he could if he had asked Jesus into his heart.Unnamed creek

Jakes reply was ” Daddy! I have asked Him in my heart a thousand times”….my reply “Well son  I think that probably makes you a candidate for it”unnamed creek2

It was a hot July day as the preacher led us out into the water…I never will forget when he immersed me and I came up…The preacher thought I was shouting but it wasn’t a move of the spirit but that the water was ice cold.

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About Shannon Hollon

Shannon Hollon lives in McCalla Alabama graduated from McAdory High School and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Served 9 years in the US Navy Seabees with one tour in Afghanistan.Currently employed with US Steel and serving on the board of directors for the West Jefferson County Historical Society.

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  1. We have used creeks rivers, lakes and ponds.

  2. Our church uses ponds, lakes, creeks, and the babtism in the church

  3. I was.babtized in a farm pond on sand mountain ala. 1969

    1. My Mama & her siblings all baptized in South Sauty Creek in the Antioch community on Sand Mountain, near Fyffe, Al.

  4. Yes they are. You can still walk up on a baptism on Canoe Creek near us. We’ve seen quite a few people dunked in that creek.

  5. When a youngster in mid thirties to mid forties we attended several of these baptisimals. Quaint and effective. I got dunked in a proper pool in a fine old church…in my opinion, the creek method probably would have worked better on me?

  6. I was Baptized in a creek

  7. Romar Beach Baptist Church in Orange Beach uses the Gulf of Mexico. Paul Smith is the pastor

  8. as long as it is running water

  9. I remember them but nowadays they go to swimming pools and so on

  10. Hillabee Campground Methodist Church, Tallapoosa County, has a creek with a baptising pool nearby but I doubt they use it these days…probably just sprinkle.

  11. I have seen them in Mobile Bay.

  12. In Kenya they sometimes have to use what we would call mud holes!!!

  13. I’ll be baptized in Bull Mt. Creek the 26th of July !

  14. I was dunked in a creek

  15. Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River from beginning in Etowah County thru Blount County. Most popular point is behind Bethel Baptist Church in Snead.

  16. I am 54 years old and th church my father was a preacher at th time they used ponds .

  17. Spring Creek Cumberland Presbyterian in Montevallo does!

  18. We were going to Chatahooche State Park one Sunday afternoon, and there was a baptism in a creek just before we got to the park. Of course, I don’t know the church name though.

  19. Willowbrook Church has river baptisms every summer

  20. My boy was baptized in a Georgia creek 4 years ago so I bet there are plenty in Alabama still.

  21. The Little Cahaba River in Bibb County is used by various churches near Cahaba Valley Baptist.

    1. Yes we still use the Little Cahaba River . Our church Cahaba Valley Baptist Church ( Founded as Carlton Hill) was founded in 1718 and the doors have never been closed. We are few in numbers but the Lord will bring them back. We also welcome other churches that want to baptise there. We have Sunday Morning & Sunday night services. We hope that soon that we can start our Wed night service again soon.

  22. I watched a baptism in the Black Warrior River last night. Still happening.

  23. Vintage Faith Church, Decatur, Alabama

  24. Yes we do! Tenneesse River alabama

  25. I remember when creeks were used.

  26. yes.. my cousin friend was baptized just last week in the river.

  27. My Momma and her sibling were Baptized in Piegon Creek in that same Community name in Butler County. Yes the water is freezing cold there, too.

  28. Yes. One of our local churchs hosts a baptism in the Alabama River.

  29. We do at New Life Baptist Church 12th. Gadsden! 🙂

  30. I was baptized in Tannehill creek ,it was freezing in August .

  31. Don’t tell!!!!they will make a law against it!!!

  32. oooon thhe 17th of may me and my daughter were baptised in the gulf at panama city beach,fl i am 79 my daughter is 54

    1. The church I attended until a few weeks ago baptizes in the Gulf of Mexico near Inlet Beach.

  33. Our church is located beside Cotaco creek, we have babtisms in the creek, my daughter and I were babtized in that creek.

  34. I was baptized in Flat Rock Creek in Alabama in the sixties & my husband was baptized in a pond in Henagar Alabama in the eighties & as far as I know there are still a lot of baptizing in creeks ponds & rivers still going on!! Praise God!

  35. Snead Alabama at first baptis

  36. I was baptized in Dennis Drew’s pond at Rehobeth, AL in the 50’s. The pond is no longer there.

  37. Baptized in the Tennessee River early 70’s in north Alabama.

  38. One of the hymns which was used when a baptism was being held in the 40s and early 50s was “Shall we Gather at the River”. The creek was also used as our swimming hole and there were many Sunday afternoons the swimmers got out until the service was over and then we jumped back into the creek.

  39. We have a road close to us called Camp Meeting Road. And the creek that runs past it is called, you guessed it…Camp Meeting Creek…I just know in my heart that they (the old timers) had big revivals and baptisms at that spot…

  40. We do at Braggs Christian and New Bethel Baptist Churches in Braggs, Alabama.

  41. Yes up in hazel green

  42. I was baptized in a creek in West Bend, AL (small town in Clarke County) years ago, but they don’t do that there now.

  43. My Dad, Mom,brother and myself got baptized in a pond years ago. We held on to each other and was baptized at the exact time together! And our hymn was “As we gather at the river, the beautiful beautiful river”. Wonderfuly blessed!

  44. Alabama River last weekend in Lowndesboro

  45. My kids were baptized in a creek in Alabama about 7 years back . But, I think they are rare with the heated, chlorinated baptistries so comfy

  46. Caroline Davis did a photo book on footwashings and baptisms if I remember correctly.

  47. My grandson, Chris Jones, was baptized in a creek a month or so ago.

  48. FBC Pensacola has Gulf baptisms sometimes!

  49. Carla Ann Love Tinney

    1. Yes and cattle troughs like I was baptized in by John Love at Wewoka

  50. They must have cleaned it up since I last saw it about 12 years sgo.

  51. My son was baptized in 2010 in the Choctawhatchee River in Clayhatchee Alabama. He always said he would be baptized in the river and he found someone that would brave the river in October!

  52. Spring Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church does in Montevallo

  53. They had one the first of summer at Wind Creek park

  54. Not sure. Iam 62. I was Baptised @16 in a small area where hogs were watered

  55. I was baptised in the Tennessee River in the 90’s in Scottsboro

  56. I was baptized in a creek in taylorsville, Georgia and with my husband also. It is so natural and a great experience.

  57. My father-in-law is 86 and was baptized in the Cahaba River on Father’s day 2015….

  58. I do not know about baptisms but I love to swim and play in them

  59. Shiloh Baptist Church, Fort Payne

  60. Shepherds chapel in Gravett, Arkansas

  61. Romar Beach Baptist Church uses the Gulf of Mexico.

  62. I was baptized in the creek in montevallo that the big bridge goes over.on this side of hwy25

  63. I was baptized in Anderson Creek and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  64. There is a church in Florence, I cannot remember the name, that holds baptisms in the Tennessee River at McFarland Park.

  65. I have watched them in Mobile Bay in Fairhope.

  66. First United Methodist, Brewton AL, Burnt Corn Creek, just a couple of weeks ago.

  67. yes I know a few who will…….

  68. I am Orthodox, and that is the preferred method- no matter where you live. Sometimes it has ice. LOL

  69. Tannehill park in bucksville,ala.

  70. According to Hattie Bridges baptism must be done in running water to wash your sins away.

  71. yes they are right below my house in the creek

  72. Kayaking on Terrapin Creek last year, I happened on a congregation gathered on a sand bar where they had a baptismal. Delightful !

  73. I was baptized in a creek 53 years ago.

  74. Does salt water baptism take?

  75. Grace Baptist in Mccalla in their Lake

  76. Yes we do, eastern Okla.

  77. “Come on in boys, the water sure is fine!”

  78. I was baptized in the Pacific Ocean.

    1. Thanks for the tag Adam! The answer is Yes!

  79. I was baptized in the cold waters of Tannehill in the park.

  80. My brother does river baptisms all the time. Pastor Hilburn Stanley

  81. I was baptized there many years ago.

  82. Love that creek; took my boys there often

  83. I was baptized in Wills Creek. This pic brings back memories.

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