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The oldest church in Jefferson County was in Jonesboro, Alabama and is still in existence

CANAAN BAPTIST CHURCH Oldest Church in Jefferson County By Bess Stout Lambert [Transcribed from The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 02, No. 04, Winter Issue…

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Biography of Rev. Nathan Ashby born August 5, 1810 ex-slave

Happy Birthday!  REV. NATHAN ASHBY BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1810-1887) Monroe and Montgomery County, Alabama Ashby, Rev. Nathan, of Montgomery, was born in Fredericksburg, Va., August 5, 1810.…

Alabama Pioneers HonoredBiographiesGenealogy Information

Biography: Wallace Reverdy Bishop, M.D. born February 4, 1873 – photograph

Happy Birthday! WALLACE REVERDY BISHOP, M. D. BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1873-1908) Talladega county, Alabama Wallace Reverdy Bishop, M. D., practiced medicine in Talladega. He…