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Are you looking for biographical information on an Alabama ancestor?

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This inexpensive genealogy book may help with information on an Alabama ancestor.

Biographies of Notable and Not-so-Notable Alabama Pioneers Volume VI is the fourth volume of Notable and Not-so-Notable Early Alabama Pioneers.

The biographies of Alabamians in this book include some Revolutionary War Soldiers and information is derived from many sources. Some source books were written when the subjects were still living. Additional information and/or documentation on any of the subjects has been included at the end of each biography.

The biographies included in Volume VI are:

Judge Daniel Arthur Greene (1863 – 1923)
John Coleman Carmichael (1861 – 1930)
Eli Forrest Denson, MD. (1853-1910)
Henry Bramlette Gray (1867 GA – 1919)
Andrew Jackson Tarrant (1832 – 1922)
Dixon Hall ( 1755 VA – d. 1820 AL)
Dr. John S. Gillespy (1859 AL – aft. 1910)
Judge Mitchell Porter (1825 AL – 1916 AL)
Judge Charles W. Ferguson (1855-aft. 1904)
Capt. Charles Drennen, M.D. (1842-1913)
Walter Melville ‘Mel’ Drennen (1851 – aft. 1924)
Sumter Bethea (1861- 1931)
William Marion Bethea (1857- 1905)
Newcomb Frierson Thompson (1844 – 1923)
William Everette Berry (1847-aft. 1910)
Thomas Hunter Molton (1853 – 1931)
Charles Hooks (1768-1843) Revolutionary War Soldier
Paul Jerome Morris Acker (1870- 1953)
William P. Acker (1868-aft. 1918)
Theodore Ackland (1833-1870)
Asa Castellow Alexander (1760 – 1834) Revolutionary War Soldier
Charles Alexander (1862-aft. 1918)
George Lee Alexander (1839-1862)
Jeremiah Alexander (1763-1847) Revolutionary War Soldier
John Davidson Alexander (1829 -1901)
Olin M. Alexander ( 1868 -1930)
William Anthony Alexander (1837-1914)
William Burford Alexander (1853-1931)
William Jasper Alexander (1842)
John Finley Gillespie (1858)
James Bass Cobbs (1856-1925)
Griffith Rutherford Harsh (1860 – 1934)
Dr. Joseph Riley Smith (1818 – 1905)
Robert Patton McDavid (1867-1915)
Hon. Littleberry James Haley, Jr. (1865-1927)
Aaron A. Gambill (1865-1933)
Hon. Felix Edward Blackburn (1867-1937)

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  1. Could you point me to which volume contains any mention of Corks, Butlers, Marlows, or Longs?

  2. This picture must be from the War of 1812 based on the UK flag which was first used in 1802.

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