1. Interesting article, a relative of mine Captain Edward Crawford personally handed his military claims to Col Hutchins in 1781 in East Florida, for transport to England, he knew Hutchins from the Pee Dee days, Edward was also a planter. I never knew the identity of Hutchins untill a month ago when I found his first name. Adventerous life he lived. He must have been respected to be able to move back to America after the war.

  2. Thank you so very much for this information on Anthony Hutchins my 6th great grand uncle! My family will be thrilled to hear the details outlines in this historical piece.

    1. Hi Ronda,

      See my information about Hutchin’s mother on Alabama pioneers. It can be of some interst for you. Do not hesitate to contact if necessary.


  3. Hi Ronda,
    I just wrote a book published in France about the family of Anthony Hutchin’s mother. Her name was Madeleine Pintard. The Pintard family is from southern France where I live. You can find a presentation of this book on the DECOOPMAN web site. Decoopman is my editor. You can get it at DECOOPMAN or on AMAZON BUY. The title is Les Laboureurs d’Amérique. My name is Philippe ROUEN. A second volume will be published next october. It is written in French.


    Amazon.com link to the book: http://amzn.to/1QrPkr2

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