1. I am from ALABAMA and I enjoy all the ALABAMA PIONEER articles so far I have about 4 and I read them and enjoy them very much. I am from OPELIKA,AL.but I have been living in California for 59 years.but my memories are still very clear of where I’m from.

  2. Do you have a photo of the house where Andrew Johnson stayed in Mooresville? My husband and I lived in the upstairs of that house when we were newlyweds.

    1. No, I do not at this time. Maybe it will show up somewhere.

  3. […] Old Moorseville Post Office, Limestone County, Alabama […]

  4. I was born and raised in Indiana, but enjoyed many trips to Alabama growing up. My Dad was born and raised there (near the now extinct Falls City in Winston county,where Clear Creek Falls is now under Lewis Smith lake. My GreatGrandDad had built a dogtrot cabin near there in 1907) My GreatGreatGreatGrandDad Britton Meeks first visited Coosa county back in the 1840’s. I really enjoy all of your postings and have been a fan since January.

    1. To Joseph Meeks: We live just south of Arley, Winston County (The Free State Of Winston) on Smith Lake in Curry. You may, or may not, know of the historic Meeks School & Meeks Baptist Church in Arley. Also, my grandfather was Dr. W. Hunter Goff in Rockford, Coosa County.

  5. My family is fro Choctaw and Washington counties.have a lot of fond memories of visiting there in past years.

    1. Sarah, my daddy’s Becton & Carlisle family are from Choctaw & Washington Counties – Aquila, Isney, Silas & Millry. I love visiting my family there. Our family general store was donated to and can be visited as part of the county musium in Gilbertown. Check it out next time you’re there.

  6. […] camp-meeting the old Canaan congregation grew. He held, at a very early day, a camp-meeting where Mooresville is located. The people were then called “squatters,” for as yet there had been no land […]

  7. Neat little community!

  8. Would love to visit this town.

  9. I enjoy reading your blog since my father’s family was from Anniston/Oxford and Heflin areas. My mother’s family is from the Huntsville/Hartselle areas. Almost twenty years ago my mother and I, with my young children, stopped to do some sightseeing in Mooresville because she had heard the movie “Tom and Huck” was filmed in the town. I quickly recognized some of the buildings in your photos. Thank you for the additional information on this lovely historic community and the opportunity to walk down memory lane.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your comment.

  10. Love this little town. It’s beautiful.

  11. […] Kyle, settled on Limestone Creek, nine miles east of Athens. Kyle settled four miles this side of Mooresville. The same year came the Mitchells into the county, and settled on Limestone Creek, above the last […]

  12. […] Meigs, in this year, (1810), opened a road from the Fort (Hampton) in the direction of Mooresville and called the Old Fort Hampton and Mooresville Road. In this year (1810) was begun and completed […]

  13. I have a question. When I was a boy we traveled from Montgomery to Birmingham before there was an interstate. I believe it was highway 29, but I could be mistaken. I remember stopping at a roadside picnic area that had a locomotive engine on the grounds that we (my siblings and I) would climb on and play on. Can you shed some light on this?

    1. I think the highway was probably US31. Lived along that route all my youth. It’s still there!!

  14. been there! Great place!

  15. […] the fall of the same year, another settlement was made on Limestone Creek, a few miles above Mooresville, by John James and Joseph Burleson. Mooresville took its name from Robert and William Moore who […]

  16. […] home and the place of my birth was near Mooresville, Limestone county, Ala. In the cemetery there sleeps my dear parents, awaiting the […]

  17. […] Mooresville Tavern, Limestone County; Still standing; property of Henry B. Zeitler’s Estate in the 1930s (see photographs) […]

  18. I’ve been there and it’s a really neat little place. It seemed to me like something you would see on Atlas Obscura but when I suggested it to them they said no. It’s just outside Huntsville and worth stopping by.

  19. Sounds like new comers