1. Just wanted to let you know..I’ve so enjoyed this Alabama History. I do genealogy, and my ancestors were the first white people, (according to our history) in Talleadega. The names being Daniel and Mary (George) Welch. They had 3 daughters, all named after states. Missouri, went on to make history in Alabama, while her elder sister, Alabama Welch Bird, & Isaac Bird my GGG’s made history in CA., during the gold rush. I was wondering if you’ve ever done anything on the WELCH, WALLIS, HILL, families?
    Of course I refer to Memorial Record of Alabama on much. I do have a wonderful history of the WALLIS Family, sent to be by Bloise Hill, and it helped my research, still not enough of Daniel Welch? Just thought I’d check with you. Glad to know you’re healing with those knees..I too had 1 replacement about a year ago, and what a difference. Again THANKS for all the good articles on your website!
    Marcia Bird-Thompson

    1. Thank you for your comment. I know I will be thankful in a few more months about my knee surgery. It just takes time.
      The best way to check on my research is to type the names in the search box. I’m putting all my research online as quickly as I can. Good luck in your research.

    2. Hi Marcia, I’m not sure. I am gradually putting everything I have on the website. You can always check any surname in the Search box to find it on the website.