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Biography: Manly Enos Weaver born February 16, 1866 – photograph

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Manly Enos Weaver (b. 1866)



(b. Feb. 16, 1866 Bibb County, AL Sep 21, 1930)

Bibb County, Alabama


“Rev. Manly Enos Weaver A. B., Th. M., D. D., of Weatherford, Texas, son of David S. and Theodosia Ernest Pratt Weaver, was born in Hamburg, Perry county, Alabama, February 19, 1866. On the paternal side, he comes of the old time Holland stock. The name Weaver, which means: house-wife,” perhaps originally was “Webber,” but it is not found so in this country, and may never have been other than as it now appears. His father, David S. Weaver, a pious deacon, and a brave Confederate soldier, was one of six brothers and three sisters; all except one, Sam Weaver, lived and died in Alabama, where they lived honorable lives and accumulated respectable estates. The family history shows they were first in Virginia and later in Pennsylvania, and from there came to Alabama.

On the maternal side, Mr. Weaver comes of Scotch-Irish stock. His mother, Theodosia Ernest Pratt, was the daughter of Col. Absalom Pratt and Mary Dickerson. Colonel Pratt was of strong Scotch fiber, and his wife was Irish with a vim.

On both sides. the subject of this sketch inherited very decided religious inclinations and predilections, and for more than three hundred years before his birth. his ancestry was serving God according to the simplicity of the Word and in keeping with the conviction of their consciences. In other words, they were Baptists. He has often said he was a Baptist three hundred years before he was born, and so it was not difficult for him to be a Baptist. It is apparent that this is true when it is recalled that his mother was named  “Theodosia Ernest,” after the Baptist book that has caused more people to become Baptists than any other book published, barring the Bible; and in turn, when the subject of this sketch was born, his mother, with her natural Baptist predilections and in honor of the great educator and preacher, Dr. Basil Manly, Sr., who for eighteen years had been President of the State University, named him “Manly.”

Dr. Weaver’s early life was spent on the farm, and in youth, he became inured to hard labor, which has been a marked characteristic of his ministry. He received his early training in the public schools of Alabama, and in Six Mile Academy, same State. He graduated from Howard College, Alabama, in 1890, with the degree of A. B., and from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in 1894, with the Th. M. degree.

He remembers distinctly the date of his conversion July 12, 1886. He was ordained to the gospel ministry by the old Shultz Creek Baptist church, in Bibb county, Alabama, in October 1890. The presbytery was composed by Rev. Nathan Williams, Rev. J. T. Yerby and the deacons of the ordaining church.

Dr. Weaver’s first pastorate was at Russellville, Alabama. He was called to the care of this church in 1890 and served one year. From this church. he went to his Seminary course at Louisville for three years, during which time he preached as student-pastor in and around that city.

In 1894 he was called to the care of the church of Natchitoches, Louisiana, remaining there four years, and from there he went to the First Baptist church, Lake Charles, Louisiana, one of the strongest churches in that State. As a young man, he became distinguished in Louisiana as a preacher and a leader in denominational affairs.

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On the 5th of April 1900—soon after becoming pastor at Lake Charles, Louisiana, he was happily married to Miss Dora Sims, of Natchitoches, Louisiana, who had been received into the church and baptized by him while he was pastor of the church at Natchitoches, Louisiana.

To them have been born four children, viz: – one daughter and three sons.

  1. Grace T. Weaver married Logan R. McKinsey
  2. Manly Enos Weaver, Jr.; (1902-1990)married Pauline E. Weaver
  3. William Barkley Weaver;
  4. Howard H. Weaver.

In 1904, the First Baptist church, Marshall, Texas, extended him a call which he accepted and has since that time been in Texas. After a successful pastorate of four years in Marshall, he accepted a call to the pastorate of the church at Bryan, Texas, where during his ten years’ stay he added one thousand members and raised a church building debt of nearly $20,000.00. He led also in raising a large indebtedness against the Bryan Baptist Academy, located there, and in connection with his pastorate was president of the institution for three years, greatly improving its financial condition and increasing the enrollment.

Dr. Weaver is notably a man of affairs, is a fine executive and has demonstrated unusual business ability. His advice is sought in business circles, and in the councils of his denomination. He wins and holds the hearts of his people as a pastor, and has marked pulpit ability. He is scrupulously methodical, both in his pastoral work and in his sermonizing. In 1915 he was honored with the appointment to preach the annual sermon before the Baptist General Convention of Texas, which met in the city of Austin. He takes his place easily among the strong leaders in the Texas Convention  and is a member of its Executive Board.

In 1900, the Louisiana Baptist College, now located in Alexandria, Louisiana, conferred on him the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity, at which time he was the youngest man in the State holding that degree. In a similar manner Howard College, his Alma Mater, conferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity upon him in 1915.

In April 1918, he was heartily called to the care of the First Baptist church at Weatherford, Texas, and entered upon his labors there in June following. He is in the prime of life and is doing the best work of his prosperous ministry. His labors are sought in the evangelistic field, as well as money-raising campaigns, and in the councils of his brethren.”(Baptist Biography edited by Balus Joseph Winzer Graham –1920 pp. 357-359) He died Sep 21, 1930 and is buried Schultz Creek Baptist Church in Bibb County, Alabama.



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