1. My grandmother’s name was Pearl Weaver and her husband, my grandfather, was George Gilmer. Both were from Alabama. I think, they moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico sometime in the early 1900’s.

    I remember seeing my great grandfather, also named George Gilmer, sometime in the mid 1930s when he came for a visit to New Mexico. That is the only time I ever saw him. He was a large tall man with a full head of white hair.

    I was born in 1932 in Dallas, Texas. My mother and father moved to Las Cruces, NM in 1934.

    That’s a brief view of what I remember. Billy Ray Gilmer

  2. I’m not related to this person, but have many others (past & present) from the Perry County area. Just curious — Why does this show that Manly Enos Weaver was born in Bibb County, AL, and also state that he was born in Hamburg, Perry County, AL? Was the Hamburg area part of Bibb County in 1866?

  3. This is a great fact