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Biography: Orange Albright born August 15, 1822

Happy Birthday! ORANGE ALBRIGHT BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1822-1915) Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Orange Albright, a farmer, was born August 15, 1822, at Danielsville, Madison County,…

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This Alabama ancestral line is mentioned in a best-selling novel and inspired historical fiction series

Alabama Descendants of ELISHA COTTINGHAM (ca. 1755-ca. 1820) is the Cottingham family mentioned in the best-selling novel, Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans…

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Alabama Pioneers biography book – Volume one – has been revised with pics and links & is available in paperback

Revised with direct links to many sources and burial sites! This book includes the genealogy of and biography of William Barrett Travis of Alamo…