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PATRON – “Mrs. Bryan tells about her trip from Alabama to Texas in 1833” – she was a true pioneer

LEVI and MARTHA (HILL)  BOSTICK HISTORY (from History of Texas with Many early settlers; The Lewis Publishing Company, 1895) Levi Bostick was born in…

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BIOGRAPHY: Frederick Forney Foscue (September 11, 1819 – March 3, 1906)

FREDERICK FORNEY FOSCUE BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (September 11, 1819 - March 3, 1906) Virginia, Texas, and Coosa, Marengo, Monroe Counties, Alabama (Excerpt from History…

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AUTHOR SUNDAY – Claim on land brought a serendipitous balance against losses for Baker family.

Submitted by Patricia Ross Parker I had always known that my grandmother's maiden name was Baker and that she had lived as a child…