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Biography: Tod Robinson, Sr. born Dec. 21, 1766

This biography is included in the book Biographies of Notable and Not-so-Notable  Alabama Pioneers Volume I  and Alabama Pioneer Tod Robinson (1776-1838) Biography, Genealogy with Notes





Autauga County, Alabama

Tod Robinson was one of the first settlers in Autauga County, Alabama. He arrived in Alabama around 1816 with his first cousin and friend Colonel William Raiford Pickett, the father of Col. Albert J. Pickett, and the author of many Early History books of Alabama. i Tod Robinson was born Dec. 21, 1766 and died Feb. 8, 1838 in Autauga County, Alabama. He was the son of Col. Cornelius and Elizabeth Pickett Robinson of Anson Co., NC and the grandson of James Terry (b. Nov. 19, 1746, d.) and Nancy Ann Roberts (b. Feb. 13, 1756) and the great -grandson of (William Terry and Nancy Raiford) and (William Roberts, Sr..and Mourning Raiford Roberts ).ii He bought property in Alabama in 1817, and eventually moved to Alabama by May 31, 1819. In 1819, he purchased additional property in Montgomery County.iii His sister Mary Robinson married John Alston Dudley on Feb. 1, 1871. Mary was not satisfied in N. Carolina away from her brother Tod so she influenced her husband to break up and move to Alabama, where he became like his brother-in-law a large planter. Tod’s brother General Robinson married Martha Owen Dejarnette.iv

Tod married Martha Ann Terry March 8, 1792. She was born Oct 5, 1775 and died January 26, 1833 and was the daughter of James and Nancy Ann (Roberts) Terry James Terry was the son of William & Nancy Raiford Terry. James Terry died May 27, 1816. His wife Nancy Ann (Roberts) Terry died March 22, 1801. Tod became a large planter in Autauga County, Alabama.

Tod Robinson, Sr. died February 8, 1838, in the 73rd year of his life in Mobile, Alabama. He was buried in Autauga County, Alabama. According to his will, Tod had a very large estate to leave his children and his children became quite successful as well.

Tod and Martha had the following children:

(1) James Terry Robinson, b. August 22, 1793 d. Oct 15, 1793.

(2) Hannah Pickett Robinson, b. May 12, 1795, (

(3) James Terry Robinson, b. Feb. 13, 17971 d. Sep. 13, 1797

(4) William Robinson, b. Feb. 8, 1799

(5) Ann Terry Robinson b. August 11, 1801

(6) Cornelius Robinson, b. Sept. 25, 1805 – became a General in CSA

(7) Eli Terry Robinson, b. Oct 25, 1809 married Mary Dudley

(7) Tod Robinson, Jr., b. March 1, 1812 – became lawyer, judge and legislator in California.

(8) Eliza Sarah Robinson, b. July 20, 1814. d. July 30, 1814.

Their first daughter, Hannah Pickett married John Caldwell on Feb. 8, 1815.

They had the following children

(1) Robert Robinson Caldwell born Nov. 26, 1815.

(2) James Augustus Caldwell, b. May 31, 1820

(3) Martha Ann Caldwell, b. March 10, 1823 d. March 6, 1876.

(4) Jane Eliza Caldwell, b. March 30, 1825

(5) William Cornelia Caldwell, b. Dec. 27, 1835 -daughter.

Tod Robinson Caldwell married Minerva Cain on December 12, 1840.

  Ann Terry Robinson married William Wyatt Aug. 15, 1820. Their children were (1)William Robert Robinson Wyatt, b. Dec. 14, 1822 He married Cordelia I. McKenzie April 1843. (2)Martha Ann Cornelia Wyatt b. Sep 24, 1826 married General E. Y. Fair April 21, 1849. (3)Tod Reginald R. Wyatt, b. Nov. 27, 1828 married Sarah Dudley on February 5, 1851. Ann Terry Robinson Wyatt died June 10, 1849 in Mobile, Alabama. Cora Ann Wyatt-Morgan died November 3, 1871 and is buried in Lowndes County, Alabama at Mt. Gilead Cemetery. She was brought back to Autauga County to be buried by her parents in the Dejarnette #2 Cemetery. William Robinson married Eliza J. Ware April 15, 1825. Their children were (1) Robert Tod Robinson, born March 15, 1826 married Mary L. McGowan March 3, 1854. (2) Henry Ware Robinson born January 1, 1828 (3) James Robert Richard Robinson, born April 20, 1832 (4) Gilbert Mortior Robinson, born March 30, 1834 (5) Cornelius Robinson, Jr. born January 17, 1836 married Cora A. Wyatt on February 18, 1851 & Julia Tucker Reese on Nov. 18, 1854. (6) Charles Robinson born December 12, 1837 at 4:00 A.M. (7) Martha Jane Robinson, born January 18, 1840 (8) Tod Robinson born January 21, 1842 at 2 A.M (9) Mary Eliza Robinson, born March 12, 1843 (10) Kitty Ann Robinson, born June 28, 1845 (11) Eli Ware Robinson, born April 18, 1849. (11) William Robinson, born November 8, 1829.

Gen. Corneilus Robinson born 1805
Gen. Cornelius Robinson born 1805

Cornelius Robinson married Martha Owen Dejarnette on January 3, 1828 (Their son Tod Robinson died June 5, 1834) Eli Terry Robinson married Mary A. Dudley on July 18, 1832. (Their son, Tod Eugene Robinson died November 27, 1833).   Tod Robinson, Jr. married Mary Crittenden in 1842. Grandchild of Tod and Martha and son of William and Eliza J. Ware Robinson, Henry Ware Robinson married A. E. Goodall. She was born October 3, 1840 and was the daughter of W. Y. & E. K. Goodall. Their daughter Eliza Jane Robinson, was born August 29, 1857.   Grandchild of Tod and Martha and son of William and Eliza J. Ware Robinson, Eli Ware Robinson married Dora McCain on March 28, 1878. Their children were (1) Gilbert Tod Robinson, born July 29, 1882 (2) George Robinson, born September 7, 1883 (3) McCain Robinson, born May 3, 1886 (4) Eli Ware Robinson, Jr., b. July 4, 1887 (5) Cornelius Robinson, born May 24, 1889 (6) Alston Pickett Robinson, born December 19, 1890 (7) Dora Robinson, born January 30, 1879 and (8) William Robinson, born January 15, 1880.   Grandchild of Tod and Martha and child of Eliza Jane Robinson married Thomas Benjamin Brown July 20, 1864. Their children (1) Jane Ware Brown, born May 19, 1865 (2) Elizabeth Tarver Brown, born December 8, 1867.   Grandchild of Tod and Martha and child of William and Elizabeth Ann Ware Robinson, Cornelius Robinson, Jr. married Julia Tucker Reese on November 18, 1854. She was born October 3, 1840 and was the daughter of G. M. & Ann Reese   Martha Ann Cornelia Wyatt married E. Y. Fair and had children (1) Marie Louise Wyatt Fair, (2) Simeon Fair (3) Lucile Margarie Fair,   Tod Reginald R. Wyatt married Sarah “Sally” Dudley, daughter of John Alston Dudley and Mary Robinson – sister of Tod Robinson, on Feb. 1, 1871. Tod Reginald R. Wyatt died on Aug 18, 1871.   Cora Ann Wyatt married Cornelius Byron Robinson, son of Gen. Cornelius and Martha Owen Dejarnette Robinson. General Robinson was a son of Tod and Martha Terry Robinson. Cora Ann and Cornelius Byron Robinson apparently had no children. After the 1860 US Census, I have not found Robertson Wyatt, the last child of Ann Terry Robinson and William Wyatt. Martha died January 26, 1833 at 57 years of age in Autauga County, Alabama Tod and Martha Ann Terry are buried in Dejarnette Cemetery #2 in Autauga County, Alabama.


1* the first James Terry probably died.
iPickett, Albert James, History of Alabama, and Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi, from the Earlies Period Vol II, p. 440
iiThe submitter has given permission to the USGenWeb Project Archives to store this file permanently for free access. This file is copyrighted and contributed by: Carolyn Golowka<[email protected]> October 1999 Now in the hands of Eli Ware Robinson Lowndesboro, Alabama (1930’s)
iiiAutauga County, Alabama Dejarnette Cemetry 2 tombstone
iv Copied from written records that had been placed in the “old Family Bible,” which belonged to Mrs. Anne Bryan wife of James Ryan and copied from the records of Genrl R. C. Martin of Louisiana The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical RegisterBy James Robert Bent Hathaway v. # 40869151 # 40869137 # 62350824 # 40869284 # 65599455 # 100917177 # 81839847 # 62350560 # 62350716 # 40869175 # 62351100 # 62351201 # 62351399 # 65597708 # 38534389 # 65598313 # 65591650 # 65598447


Additional genealogical  information can be found in Some Terry Families of Alabama with Biographies, Genealogies, Sources and Notes  and Alabama Pioneer Tod Robinson (1776-1838) Biography, Genealogy with Notes

The E-book on Tod Robinson (b. 1776-d. 1838) includes documentation, notes, biographies and genealogy on many of his descendants. All sources are included. Tod Robinson was a very early pioneer in Alabama. He arrived in Alabama even before it was a state with the father of noted historian, Albert J. Pickett. Many of his descendants moved to Texas, North Carolina and California and became prominent citizens and political figures wherever they resided. Check his descendant outline in the Free Sample pages to see if he is your ancestor.


Biographies of Notable and Not-so-Notable  Alabama Pioneers Volume I

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