1. You have NO idea of the delight I had in discovering this man’s name today. You see, I am the great-granddaughter of Decatur Curran Anderson of Tallahassee, whose father was William. I had nothing to go on when I started really diving into this genealogy full time in December. I had undergone chemo and radiation in October, and my once-brilliant brain has been so patient with me but it’s GOOD—I can’t do any other kind of work right now, because of slowly coming back to life. I really am good.

    I have avoided genealogy my entire life because I left the Deep South at age 18, to move to coastal California. From there, I went back to Nashville, to Madison, Wisconsin; to Houston; Fort Myers; up and down California—until I wound up meeting a handsome Mexican-Irish guy in the Catskills and we fell in love and moved to Boulder, where our baby girl was born.

    And now I find that I am related to this man, because his grandfather was Samuel Y. Anderson and Pulaski. I am so happy, because one of my other relatives—Anna Jane Anderson—wrote a book about the Caroline Brevard DAR. She would be thrilled to know that the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

    Now I just need help finding the parents of Alexander Patton, who married Sarah Jane Butler, whose father was Col. Robert Ormond Butler. (I am not certain his middle name is valid, but I’ve seen it that way more often than not.)

  2. As it turns out, Samuel Y. Anderson did not spend his last days in Pulaski. He and his wife appear in the household of Jesse Bramlitt and Mary C. (Anderson): they lived in Tishomingo, Mississippi.

    Nobody in Decatur or William Anderson’s offspring knew of the youngest child of Samuel, but her name was Mary, and she was born in 1826. None of any of the FOUR Anderson offspring from Samuel Young Anderson know of each other as kin. I found the eldest Anderson: Robert Charles, born in 1809 to Lydia Powell.

    I haven’t found a bad apple yet in the Andersons.

  3. Uh-oh. Samuel Young Anderson was born in Virginia, not Kentucky.

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