1. […] 9, 1819. William Wyatt Bibb, of Autauga County, inaugurated Governor of the State of Alabama. He was born October 1, 1780 in […]

  2. […] his message to the legislature Gov. William Wyatt Bibb called special attention to the liberal donations which had been made by Congress to Alabama for […]

  3. […] first officials of the county, all named by Gov. W. W. Bibb, were George Shirley, sheriff, appointed February 23, 1818; Willis Roberts, clerk of the superior […]

  4. […] July 10, 1820, Alabama’s first governor, William Wyatt Bibb, died as a result of injuries received in a riding accident on his plantation. As specified in the […]

  5. […] the early residents of the county were, Gov. Wm. W. Bibb, John A. Elmore, Sr., Bolling Hall, Sr., James Jackson, Robert Gaston, Jacob P. House. Francis […]

  6. TY for the historical perspectives you offer!

  7. Why does the headline say (1776-1820) when he was born October 2, 1781?

    1. Thanks for catching that. It was a typo.

  8. Hey he is from Autauga County!

  9. He was in Elbert County, Ga in the late 1790’s. His land was next to that of one of my ancestors, Joseph Allen.

  10. […] first Governor of Alabama Territory was William Wyatt Bibb, then a Senator in the United States from the State of Georgia. He was the son of a Revolutionary […]

  11. My step Grandfathers name was William Wyatt.

  12. […] like Birney had a strong company. Governor Bibb wrote to Tait concerning Jackson’s attack on Pensacola in the Seminole War as […]