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PATRON + See great vintage film of Birmingham from 1937!

This video from 1937 reveals how much Birmingham has changed.


Police Department had a band in 1930

Birmingham, Alabama Police Department had a large band in 1930.  The Birmingham Police Department Band members are posed on top of, inside and around their bus parked in front of Temple Beth-El at 2131 Highland Avenue. Perhaps some members are still living. It would be great if we could identify the members and connected to the photograph.Birmingham police band - Oscar V. Hunt Collection at Birmingham Public Library 1930

The photograph above was taken of the band by Oscar V. Hunt, Birmingham’s first commercial photographers on May 29, 1930. (Birmingham Public Library Oscar V. Hunt holdings).


ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS: Settlement: Lost & Forgotten Stories 

is a collection of lost and forgotten stories of the first surveyors, traders, and early settlements of what would become the future state of Alabama.

Read about:

  • A Russian princess settling in early Alabama
  • How the early settlers traveled to Alabama and the risks they took
  • A ruse that saved immigrants lives while traveling through Native American Territory
  • Alliances formed with the Native Americans
  • How an independent republic, separate from the United States was almost formed in Alabama



  1. I never heard this before .

  2. Cool Cats! The band is posing in front of Temple Beth-El on Highland Avenue, Southside.

  3. I do know for a fact that Hunt was not the first commercial photographer in Birmingham. Herman C Scholze was the Great Grandfather of my wife. He and his wife came to Birmingham shortly after their marriage in 1872. They opened H ‘Scholze Photo Gallery in the 2100 Block of 1st Avenue North. This Building can be seen in a photograph of the Caldwell Hotel fire which occured in 1894. It is located above Magic City Plumbing which he also owned.

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  6. So Oak Mountain State Park was originally in Bessemer. Interesting.

  7. Do any of those buses still exist ????

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