1. Nothing much there now Donna. Just a little community.

  2. There is nothing there at the hotel site- just the mineral springs, and a cemetery.

  3. I am born and breed in Alabama and this is the first time I have ever heard about it. It is in true Alabama ways that it was allowed to ruin. Many States took their history and restored it, not Alabama.

    1. I remember going up in b’ham and them destroying the Parliament House on 20th Street, the old train station, the only thing I know they did not destroy was the Alabama Theater and the Antebellum Home in Westend.

    2. Lisa there was nothing left to preserve. As the article said, the resort burned completely to the ground. Nothing left…

  4. There was a White House Springs Hotel up on Colbert Hts south of Tuscumbia. We can’t find out much about it. Only the springs and patio and foundation of the hotel remain. We have found an ad in one of the old newspapers. Like many of these resorts, it went under with the depression.

  5. My husband’s 1c4xr owned this place. My MiL (91) told me that they used to have reunions here.

    It is also called Borden-Wheeler resort.

  6. My GF has a old glass bottle here and it has Ingram’s lithia water with a embossed lady or man..I think its a lady ..and the bottle has Anniston Alabama on it . seems I read it came from a spa in Alabama that burned ..it was a big gathering place but can’t remember much. Anybody any info ?

  7. I have lived in Borden Springs all my life and my Dad is from Esom Hill, GA which is just up the road. Borden Springs is a great community and has the most breathtaking scenery around.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. My mother, Vivian Wheeler Taylor, and her family came from Borden Springs, Ala. The place is named after her ancestors. Her father was Henry Wheeler [born 1913] who was named after his grandfather. I’ve heard that Henry Wheeler, Sr. [born May, 1849–died 1921] had a store on the same site where my aunt and uncle, Inez & JW Sadler had a store in Borden Springs. I would love to have a photo of my great-great grandfather or one of his store if anyone has one. Thanks if you can help.

  9. My grandmother, Zenobia Carruth Borden, who married Evan B. Stotsenburg in 1892, was the daughter of Joel Elias (sometimes Eli) Borden, son of John Borden and his wife Catherine Matlock. I have been to where John and Catherine Borden are buried out on a farm in Borden Springs, but the old home place is, of course, long gone. I have somewhere a picture of the mill probably taken after the death of John Borden by one of his sons, and the letters written to Joel Borden by his brother about the death of their father.

    I also have a series of photos that I can’t identify of the ruins of what may be an old frame home that was perhaps log underneath. I’d love to know whether they are of the old Borden home. Does anyone have any pictures? These are dated on the back 1937 and the company was The Sutcliffe Co Incorporated.

    1. Jane, we now live on the creek where that mill was. We would love to have a copy of that photo. Have you found it?

  10. Kinda reminds us of the Hygeia Hotel of Chrleston – I mean Citronelle next to where the Bordens lived at Pushmataha Park next to the Neshoba Church and Mt. Nebo Citronelle before it became civilized.

    Darby Weaver
    The Tribal Leader

  11. Wish it were still there—would love to go!

  12. Borden Springs is still a lovely area near the GA line.

  13. Would love to metal detect there. Wow what history!!!!

  14. We live down the creek from the old hotel, where the grist mill was.

    It’s still beautiful here.

  15. I may have some pictures to show..I have an old photo family album.from Borden area dates from 1890s..names are Watson