1. The John Jones mentioned in this is my Great-Great Grandfather who settled in this area in 1818 along with his father, Abram, brother, James and sister, Sarah. They came here from Darlington District, South Carolina. John later moved to Troy, Alabama, and is buried in the Jones Family Cemetery there. Their land in Conecuh County is still owned by family members.

    1. Lana Jones Barbaree, Would B.G. Jones be some relation to you? We lived in Brooklyn about 40 years ago and knew most everybody there. R.V. McClendon owned the store where Feagin’s is now. Jack Feagin had a store on the left just as you turn on county road 43 just before the Escambia county line.
      I’ve walked to the Brooklyn Post Office many times and talked to Mrs. Hamiter and got a cold drink out of the drink box just inside the door. My oldest brother and myself worked for Robert McClendon many days earning money for school clothes and pushed a lawn mower all over the Brooklyn area cutting grass.


  2. My wife’s mother, Vera Holmes, was born in Brooklyn, AL. I have not been able to find a record for the Holmes family living there. They are descendants of Major John Hoomes of Virginia who built the mansion at Bowling Green, VA in 1669. Any help will be appreciated.

    1. There are several Holmes and Hoomes living in the Damascus community (Escambia county, AL) located just south and west of the Brooklyn community.

    2. Their are some Holmes & Hoomes buried their in Brooklyn, AL near Dixie or Damacus, AL. My dad is Ed Alford & he was born in 1929 & my dad is still alive lives in Brewton, AL. They all are related but some changed it from The Holmes to the Hoomes. I have a Alford family member that married a Hoomes. They lived out there & they are burried their also.

  3. My dad has lived up there for many many years I spent almost all my summers up there.

  4. It’s nice to know there are others like us still in existence. Our current store, Turners Station Mercantile, and post office, Turners, MO (65765) were established in 1889 and still going strong, thanks to a wonderful community that supports us and keeps us surviving and thriving!

  5. My mother Patsy (Pat) Tuberville and my step Dad Red Tuberville used to live in the house across from the store. My mother use to work for Mr R.V.Mc Clendon over 30 years ago I think. Quite little country town nice people lived there.

  6. I grew up on a farm in Conecuh County, Alabama. I went to school in Brooklyn School in Brooklyn, Alabama for seven years. The next year after I went there the school was closed. I knew Mrs. Hamiter and Robert McClendon and his sons and went to school with his daughters at Brooklyn School and later at Castleberry, Alabama.

    1. I misspelled daughter, making it plural. As far as I know Robert McClendon had only one daughter. The corrected comment is below:

      I grew up on a farm in Conecuh County, Alabama. I went to school in Brooklyn School in Brooklyn, Alabama for seven years. The next year after I went there the school was closed. I knew Mrs. Hamiter and Robert McClendon and his sons and went to school with his daughter at Brooklyn School and later at Castleberry, Alabama. – See more at: http://alabamapioneers.com/brooklyn/?replytocom=710804#respond

  7. My wife, Karen Kendall is a direct descendent of Edwin Robinson and her mother grew up near the iron bridge on the Sepulga River. The bridge is mislabeled, it is known as Bull Slough Bridge, not Travis bridge. There is a Travis Bridge which crosses the Sepulga River north of here. It is located on highway 31 between Evergreen and McKenzie. Would also like to point out that the old Brooklyn Post Office has burned since the article was printed. I visit the Brooklyn area often as we have property located there and also remember when Robert McClendon owned and operated the store. My wife’s father was also from this general area and forefathers on both sides of her family were involved in the development of the Brooklyn area.

  8. Alvis Rose Griffin thought you might like this.

  9. Mary G. Austin Chitty, Thought this might interest you !

    1. My mom’s home town. How special is that!!!! Thank you, Margot!!!! There are pictures of the town and everything. So special.

  10. perdue hill has one inside their general store…

  11. Two years ago 8 of us put our Kayaks and Canoes in at Travis Bridge in McKenzie Alabama to become the first to retrace the route of the River Boat Shaw of it’s trip from Brooklyn Alabama to Pensacola. Traveling the Sepulga River to thr Conecuh which changes to the Eacambia River as you cross the Florida line. Our first night we camped in Brooklyn where Bottle Creek empties into the Sepulga. A great trip that should have taken about 12 days but due to flood water we completed the adventure in 6.

  12. I inherited my great-grandfather’s (George Thomasson) home in Brooklyn. It borders the Sepulga river and is adjacent to the “swimming hole”. I know Mrs. Hamiter and her two sons – Jimmy and Bubba. In the 50’s we fished Bottle Creek, rode cows in the pasture, harvested scuppernongs & muscadines, hunted deer and turkey and enjoyed the freedom and outdoors.

    1. That is a beautiful house! My family’s home place is next door, hope to see you around Brooklyn sometime.

  13. First went to the Brooklyn Country Store and to this churchyard cemetery with Mike Gamble, God rest his soul. Good Dothan lawyer with deep roots in Brooklyn, and Edwin Robinson as an ancestor too. What a wonderful area..beautiful and still with the ambiance of an earlier time..always felt like being in the 1930s or 40s when we would go out to his woods. Feel fortunate to have been able to have visited there with Mike and to have met his family who had remained in the area. I’m from Atlanta, north of Brooklyn, lol, why Cousin Larry called me Yankee Girl. Love Alabama..very special state of mind. This written looking back years now, and from up north in NYC, so all the more special to find this site.

  14. Lived in Brooklyn off and on till I was 8. Went to Castleberry elementary. (Mother Brenda guimbellot Yancy died in the sepulga River in 1980. Got to go back once a couple yrs ago to see grave site. )

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