UPDATED WITH PODCAST PATRON + Is there anything more southern than a butterbean festival? This town in Jefferson County has an annual one.

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  1. Susan Lambeth Bryan

    My ancestors came with Andrew from Tennessee. Like the Bibb county area and came back and settled there. Rancher, Logan, Edmonds

  2. Nicklaus Chrysson

    Yes the peanut butter festival!!!!

    1. Ed Pitts

      No, its just a Butter Bean Festival.

  3. Susan Bryant Myers

    I love the song about Butterbeans, a country song.

  4. Debbie Wiggins Layton

    They have a butter bean festival in Pinson Alabama every year. Out skirts of Birmingham Al.

  5. Harold Thompson

    DAvid Cain recorded a Song Just A Bowl of Butter Beans

    1. Mike Reaves

      Yep… and before this guy’s 1974 recording.

  6. Scott Williams

    And I avoid Pinson like the plague during the festival because it’s usually the quickest route to Trussville from Warrior.

  7. About 1960 Bob Cain, student at U.of Ala, and KA fraternity, sang “All I Want is a
    Bowl of Butter Beans” regularly. After he graduated, he sang at the bowling alley in Crestwood and appeared in bars on Morris Ave in Birmingham, and opened a bar/nightspot “The Cain Break”… Remember him and the song well.

  8. Mitchellene Swann

    Pictures remind me of life as a’s where I learned to work…so thankful the Lord gave me the family I had..have…this place on earth and ancestors of faith…God is good…

  9. Lona Faye Bows

    Saturday before Labor Day is Butterbean festival in Pinson Alabama.

  10. […] Update: There is a Butterbean Festival in Alabama scheduled for October 2 and 3, 2015   – Make your plans to attend. See more At: Is there anything more Southern than a butterbean festival? […]

  11. I grew up in Conecuh county, AL…..butter beans were the fresh green ones…..the large dried white ones were limas!! BUT whatever ones chooses to call them they are delicious prepared southern style….

  12. Our grand daughter Kirsten won the Miss Butterbean beauty contest in 2015, lots of pretty girls in the contest. Great event.

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