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Names of jurors from 1802 Court records Washington County, Alabama

Court Records of Washington County, Mississippi Territory includes many early Alabama names:

“Mississippi Territory. At a superior court held for the District of Washington at McIntosh Bluff on the fourth Monday in September, anno Dom. 1802. Present the right Honourable Seth Lewis, Esq., Chief Justice of the M. Territory.

On the venire facias the following jurors (to wit) Ransom Harwell, William Rogers, Matthew Robinson, Tandy Walker, George Robbins, Thomas Carson, John Burney, Sampson Munger, William Vardiman, Nathan Blackwell, Francis Bayakin, Isaac Ryan, William H. Hargrave, Richard Brasher, Daniel Johnston, John Hinson, Jesse Ross, John Johnston, James Fair, Joseph Campbell, Richard Hawkins, Benjamin King, Joseph Thompson, Moses Steadham, Joseph Stiggins, John Callier, John McGrew, John Brewer, Richard Lee, Benjamin Hoven, Samuel Mims, Michael Milton, George Wakely, William Wakely, Josiah Fletcher, and William Prince.” Among these thirty-six are some that afterward became noted, and among them all there is but one having a middle name.

On the first grand jury were “John Callier, foreman,” Tandy Walker, and Samuel Mims. “Nicholas Perkins Esq. was admitted to the practice of Attorney General of the Court.” Samuel Henry, Robert Knox, and Leonard D. Shaw, were admitted to practice as attorneys, each “having first produced a license and taken the oath prescribed by law.” The attorney general “produced his commission.”

Some other names in the records of this session of court are James Caller, William Kimbro, Peter Malone, John Murrell, William Williams, and William Walton. The next term of this Superior Court was held at McIntosh Bluff in May, 1804. David Kerr Esq. presented his commission as Judge. Among the names for jurors are, William Buford, Edward Creighton, Thomas Bassett, John F. McGrew, Samuel McGee, Thomas Mercer, John Callier, James Caller, and John Dease. Other names in the records are, James McConnell, Nathaniel Christmas, Thomas Caller, and Young Gaines. Another term of this court was held at the courthouse in the town of Wakefield in September, 1805. Harry Toulmin Esq. was now Judge. In 1806 the name of Joseph Wheat appears.

From the court records for 1808 it appears that the collector of customs at Fort Stoddart, then a port of entry, had occasion to seize considerable wine on different schooners. Then as now men would evade if possible the laws concerning intoxicating drinks. In the court records of Washington county under date of Tuesday, Sept. 22, 1818, is this item: “John Gayle having taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, and also the oath as Attorney and Counsellor at Law, he is permitted to practice in this Court.” He afterward became the seventh governor of Alabama.


Excerpt from: The Great Southeast or Clarke County and its Surroundings, pub. 1882 by Rev. T. H. Ball

ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS – Volume I – IV: Four Volumes in One

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ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS – Volume I – IV: Four Volumes in One


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