1. Thanks, Don. I had not seen this picture.

  2. Good article. I’m a descendant of Hardy Crim.

    1. Janet, did you know Forest Crim?

    2. No, my connection goes back to Hardy’s daughter Rachel who married Elias Pilgreen. Their daughter Mary Pilgreen Houlditch was my great-great grandmother.

  3. Aj Johnson read this

  4. Not far from where my mom lives.

  5. I enjoy the articles.

  6. Ronnie Gamble did you see this article? Is he your ancestor?

  7. Where is the golly hole at in calera? Anybody know?

    1. Coming in on Overhill Road off 84. Easiest access is across the street from the 4th or 5th house on the right. Used to live out there and there used to be a yellow gate on an overgrown dirt road. Not sure now. You have to venture off the path to find it though. Think the quarry owns the land.

    2. southwest corner of about a 40acre block of woods on the corner of Overhill Road and hwy 84.

  8. The Golly Hole is located on Overhill Road near County Hiway 84 in Montalla Acres subdivision and actually has a Montevallo address.

  9. And you guys nailed it yet again . I am a regular reader of your posts . You guys makes sure that you bring the most interesting historical fact about a place . A job well done !

  10. Mellissa Wiley, interesting