1. Excuse me???? This is absolute sacrilege! Bacon, the king of all additive to grits isn’t listed in allowed “toppings”. And second, what loser treats them only as toppings, and does NOT stir those ingredients into their grits? 😉

    1. No, you may eat bacon with your grits but you may not stir bacon in you grits! lol

      1. NO! You can’t talk like that! Grits and bacon go together like possums and yellow lines.

        1. I could’nt agree more… my mouth is watering !

      2. 100% correct.

      1. Chedder Cheese….

    2. Bacon is such a normal thing with us Southerners that it doesn’t even need mentioning. Want bacon? Oh yeah!

    3. Bacon is a side, not a topping, but don’t forget red eye gravy from the frying pan that the bacon or ham was fried in. Now that’s a real topping.

      1. 100% correct.

    4. Fried bacon strips on the side please and NO CHEESE.

    5. I’m NOT a born southerner but a life long southerner after age 4…I love grits even though I grew up on Cream of Wheat…loved that too. So…as a result, I eat my grits with brown sugar and LOVE it…Sorry folks, never tried with bacon – but I sure will NOW! I love bacon too…

  2. And what about sugar with the cheese and butter? Or over-easy eggs which spill that creamy yellow goodness into the delicious grits?

    1. Only Yankees use sugar

  3. What about grape jelly

    1. YUCK!

    2. i have eaten grape jelly with my grits, and also Apple Butter.

  4. no cheese please, butter only, yumyumyum

  5. no milk, don;t overcook so it;s like cream of wheat, ignore those who talk down about grits

  6. The only GRITS to put jelly or bacon on are GIRLS RAISED IN THE SOUTH (GRITS)

  7. when I have grits I fry an egg and 2 slices of bacon then put the egg on top of the grits then crumble the bacon on it and stir it all up 🙂

    1. In our house that is called a “Grits bowl”…….

    2. In my house that’s called good ..

  8. Thou shall not eat any other grits but stoned ground from Helen, GA if possible!

    1. My favorite way to cook them; and my husband thinks they’re the best he ever ate! I mix half milk and half water and pour in the grits – everything is cold; add 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and stir it in; add butter and salt – as much as you like to taste (for me, lots of butter!) and cook on low heat, stirring occasionally until desired consistency of thickness. Slow cooking makes them creamy and delicious!

      1. Try’em this way, but cook overnight in a slow cooker on low.

  9. Mama wouldn’t have anything but water ground meal. I went to Fink’s grist mill with daddy one day and they were working on the dam, so they had backed a tractor up to the door and run a long belt from the tractor’s PTO to turn the stone. Daddy said it would be okay though, since there was water in the tractor’s radiator.

    1. Finks Mill? Where are you from? I grew up near a Finks Mill. Great cornmeal….best ever.

    2. Florala in extreme AL. As I recall, Finks mill was near Lakewood, FL, just south of Florala.

      1. My relatives lived in Florala… The Heislers…….good county folks…

  10. Who ever wrote these commandments should have taken a survey first because grits would not be complete without ham and red-eye gravy

  11. Over easy eggs a hot sauce YES!

  12. Love grits ,butter, a little sugar

    1. My husband did to, me butter and salt with lots of pepper

    2. Oh and of course pepper

  13. Not a true Alabamian but grew up with two who were! This is how my Mama made them. If you wanted to mix eggs,bacon & etc. you could do it after you put your grits on your plate!

  14. Blackened shrimp and cheese grits!! Ooooohh!! Mama!!

  15. I prefer Cream of Wheat, sweetened! But then, I’m from northeastern Kentucky, and never tasted grits till I came to Alabama.

  16. Don’t mean to be obtuse, but what’s wrong with using a spoon now & again? — Might not be necessary & that’s fine, but even Mama had a bad day / rushed morning occasionally such that a spork mighta’ been optimum, but what’s on hand is a spoon. That’s not shameful; that’s adaptive!

  17. Thou shalt not eat grits for they are nasty. (If they were good you wouldn’t have to be putting crap in or on they)

    1. Are you General Sherman’s grandson?

    2. Do you add flavor to rice with broth or gravy or do you add flavor to pasta with a sauce of some kind? The same goes with grits. They are wonderful if the cook knows what he or she is doing. My hubby’s jalapeno cheese grits are ‘to die for’!!!!! So are his ‘Shrimp & Grits’!!!!!!!!!

  18. Never heard of spioling grits with anything sweet, but I do like to mix bacon or sausage with them!

  19. Your Mama must have cooked instant grits! Yuck!

  20. Anyone who eats thy grits without doing all these things has to be from bamamalama. Or they are just sick individuals.

  21. © Thou shalt use Bacon in any way thou wants with thou Grits !!

  22. I have to break this command….I shall put sugar on! Yum

    1. Must have enough pepper to make them gray!!

    2. Putting sugar on grits is like putting ketchup on banana pudding! Lol

    3. I like grits with sugar and also tomatoe gravy on grits with bacon

  23. According to the Grits Police, I have sinned.

  24. Where’s the cheese

  25. Not true, you need to do a survey

  26. Leave the damn grits alone! Salt, pepper, butter! That’s it!

    Yours southernly,

    The Grit Nazi

    1. I’m going on 63 and my mom would cook me grits and fried eggs every morning before school.Did not know what instant was.Salt and pepper and butter was so good.My husband want eat grits says they are to much like what he had to eat called mush.

  27. I’m craving grits now!

  28. Southern grits are grits, salt, butter, eaten as a side dish, basically with eggs, bacon or sausage, biscuits and gravy, my husband liked tomato gravy, but any kind of gravy is ok

    1. No side dish here. I could eat grits as a main course anyday.

  29. Hey, Valarie Woods, please have Kevin read this! LOL

  30. They should teach this in the public schools up north — we all know they are headed this way as quickly as they can get here! Talk about illegal immigrants!

    1. you got that right, snowbirds that is.

    2. That’s the difference between a Yankee and a damn Yankee. A Yankee comes to visit and a damn Yankee comes and stays!

    3. Too late. They’ve already taken over.

    4. Well this is your lucky day. All those snowbirds will soon be replaced with disease carrying illegals. 🙂

  31. Spoon is needed to get every corner of the plate….

    1. Don’t knpw where you’re from but here in Trussville , Alabama our plates don’t have corners?

  32. We don’t even eat grits up north (blech), so you don’t need to worry about them teaching the correct way to eat them in public schools.

    1. I always knew there was something wrong with” noithernors” lol.

    2. You eat corn, don’t ya? Same thing.

    3. Are you ignert or just stupid? 😀 It’s like baby puke in a bowl. Can’t beat sweet corn on the cob smothered in butter and salt.

    4. Ever tried baby puke?

    5. Accidentally, to be sure. Don’t ever put your baby in the air over your head after he has just eaten.

  33. I got a book for Christmas called 101 Things to do with Grits…my friend, Dena Phillips McKee gave it to me. We made one of the recipes from it over Christmas, and my family loved the grit casserole….devine…!

  34. Ok, now that we’ve got grits settled, let’s talk about cornbread. Cornbread is properly made in a cast iron skillet, using corn meal, milk, egg and bacon fat. Nothing else. If you want cheese, onions or jalapeños, make corn muffins instead. Cornbread does not contain sugar. Cornbread with sugar in it is Corncake. Corncake is an abomination. If you want sweet cornbread, that’s what honey and jelly are for.

    1. You are so right! I too, use buttermilk, though. I cook mine in my grandmother’s cast iron skillet. I also have have one of her cornsticks pans and her Dutch oven – all cast iron!

    2. More than one way to skin a cat or make good cornbread. No eggs, they make it cake like. Now to be clear, I ain’t talking about the crap made in restaurants in an aluminum pan that uses flour and meal, eggs and a ton of sugar. I’m talking about cooked in an iron skillet, yellow meal, buttermilk, and pure cooked out fat. A genuine Southern lady showed me how a long time ago and it’s still the best I’ve ever had. And I do like onions, jalapenos, cheese etc in it sometimes. We just call it Mexican cornbread, also delicious. I also eat grits with a spoon….don’t want one morsel of goodness to get away!

    3. My kind of Man……I agree 100%

    4. Thou shall not open a box of Jiffy and call it cornbread!

    5. Saen I like your style, would you consider dating a Yankee ?

    6. i learnt something new today!

    7. I’ll go along with you up to jalapeños and cheese. Wetback cornbread will make you smack your granny if it’s made right like my daddy used to.

    8. I agree about the iron skillet, but I disagree with only bacon fat. To save a little on calories I like using Baker’s Joy on my iron skillet. The cheese, onions, etc. make Mexican Cornbread, not regular cornbread.

    9. Amen Amen , please no sugar in cornbread! Thats Yankee bread.

    10. Thank You for clearing that up! We used to call cornbread “SpoonBread”

    11. Have to use buttermilk! My mother-in-law would fry bacon, leave the grease and bacon in the pan, then pour in the cornbread batter and put it in the oven. Nothing is better than cornbread with bacon!

      1. cooking bacon then using the pan for cornbread…in the pool of grease or pouring most of it out? Just asking…and another one – I’m sorry I’ve ALWAYS eaten grits with a spoon…what else would one use…it’s is too thin to use a fork and gets rubbery if thicker…doesn’t it?

    12. Martha White Buttermilk Cornmeal mix – Buttermilk and grease in the cast iron skillet, heated on the stove, thoroughly coat the pan and pour the excess grease into the mix. I like mine with a crispy crust.

    13. Buttermilk is the only kind of milk to use in cornbread. The only extras allowed is cracklings.

    14. And you do NOT, Miss Paula Deen, cut the corn bread while it is still in the iron skillet! Flip the skillet and if you did a good job it will come right out on the plate, then cut it. Cutting it in the skillet scratches and ruins the iron skillet.

    15. I will admit to occasionally using shortening if there’s no bacon grease, but only in cases of emergency. And you are absolutely right, Charles. Any cornbread worth eating will pop right out of the skillet. No need to mess up both a knife and a skillet.

  35. Grits are good with almost anything .Except sugar. Nothing sweet.

  36. I’m sooo sinful! haha

  37. I’m about as southern as one can get. I can’t stand grits but y’all can eat ’em however you like. But they give me the hibbie jibbies.

  38. Can’t stand those grits !!!!

  39. I love syrup on grits. Yum.

  40. If you live in ALABAMA you gotta love grits.

  41. I guess I have never eaten grits correctly!

  42. Groceries or Gold???….getting close in the cost factor…..Amazon’!!!!!…..Ever heard the word…SHOCKING?

  43. I agree except I want pepper too

  44. I thought the spoon was for Instant grits. But the have to have BUTTER and Pepper. Also good mixing with the egg yolks!!

  45. I love grits. Only eat them with butter, salt and pepper, but do eat it with a spoon. LOL

  46. Thou shalt not make grits that require to be eaten with a spoon.

  47. is a little black pepper allowed?

  48. How bout shrimp and grits?

  49. I disagree with about half of this list, particularly the “toppings” because the best grits have a pile of shrimp on them.

  50. Agree …..+ pepper, eggs & shrimp and crawfish étouffée allowed too. Spoon to only get every grain!

  51. grits are yucky no matter what ya do to them

    1. Some folks say that about a lot of food they don’t know how to prepare correctly.

    2. never cooked it…. got it slaped on almost ever breakfast platter i had while running the south… 20 yrs… never got the taste for it.. never will… justthe way it is… but all you that do like them… you can hve my share

  52. Grits with red eyed gravy is the best,!

  53. Thou shalt not put sugar in your grits!

  54. Never had grits… yes in 3 years in Arkansas I never had them. And the ones I tried while in Blytheville AFB Hospital, were always cold and soupy

  55. nor put sugar on them either, It’s just not southern

    1. My granddaddy was born and raised in Alabama and he taught me to eat grits with lots of butter and a little bit of sugar…and yes he was southern!

  56. I’m from the north, but have lived in WV most of my life. I love grits with lots of butter and salt, or as shrimp and grits. Cornbread has to be in a cast iron skillet, with cornmeal, flour, soda, buttermilk, eggs, and bacon grease. Melt the grease in the skillet in a hot oven, mix all the other ingredients, take the melted grease and coat the pan, then mix the extra in the batter. Pour into the pan and bake.

  57. I pass Candace Bourne. I will eat the cream of wheat ……

  58. Thou shall have Fish and Grits at any time .

  59. Have to have sugar and butter on my grits and eat with a spoon!

  60. Thou shalt not eat grits! YUCK!

  61. Pepper! Gotta have a little pepper.

  62. It will never happen Anita..welfare is to good here..up north..they can use food stamps and get all the grits they want

  63. Love this! My speech every time someone questions my choice of butter only on my grits. It’s Alabama way!

  64. I’ll break all those comedments!

  65. I agree about cornbread too.

  66. Bacon goes with them also

  67. Yes but you need the SpOoN….

  68. Why don’t they just take some to the North?

  69. Why not eat grits with a spoon? That’s what I do.

  70. Very important info!!!

  71. Sorry, but I love Shrimp and grits. If you are from Cajun Country or Coastal South, this is an allowable topping.

  72. Stone ground is all I use. Topping with steamed shrimp and butter is a dinner treat at our house.

  73. Grits/butter ~end of story !!

  74. Thou shalt not make thy grits watery. Though shalt NOT pass off instant grits as real southern food. Thou shalt mix a runny yolk with thy grits and add cheese before gobbling up said grits. Thou must always put thy salt into the water before adding thy grits.

    1. Love to put runny eggs in my grits! Usually have a bagel on the side that has been browned in butter in a cast iron flat skillet, and then pour a little red plum jelly on the mix! SLURP!

  75. Linda Angerer, you know how to eat breakfast…you could be my sister!

  76. Bill? Is there southern food that doesn’t have black peppah!

  77. I break # 10 every time I eat grits.

  78. I eat my grits with a spoon!

  79. I have to use a spoon, due to the fact of a bad arm, and I use butter as well.

  80. Have to have a spoon. Can leave a stray grit in the bowl. Wait…..is grit the singular of grits?

  81. You have to use buttermilk for cornbread!

  82. Also, Sunflower corn meal mix is the best!!

  83. Oops, I’ve broken two of these!

  84. I like pepper on them too!

  85. LMAO = you eat ’em your way and I’ll eat INSTANT grits my way!!!

  86. My grits come from Alabama.

  87. Oh no I like instant

  88. Thou shalt add cream cheese and try it occasionally, though.

  89. Sorry, I love my grits with butter and a bit of saltand oh, I eat it with a spoon.

  90. i like butter an sugar

  91. Jiffy makes the Best CornBread. 🙂

  92. I only ate one bite of Grits once and did not like them.

  93. Sorry I eat my with butter and sugar and a spoon

    1. I was raised eating mine with butter and sugar. It’s the way I like them and I’ll eat them that way until I die. No one else’s opinion matters when it comes to how I like my grits

  94. Tut tut tut…I use a spoon so I don’t miss one tiny speck of my grits.

  95. My mama used to take leftover grits and put them in an orange juice can and refrigerate them…then she would cut the end out of the can, shove the grit log out, slice, and fry in butter ……best stuff ever~

  96. I like hominy with lots of real butter.

  97. My sister inlaw from Alabama makes the best cheese grits

  98. Lol I remember our first grits, it was cream and sugar time!

  99. Don’t mess with my grits, lond as their hot and dripping with melted butter!!!

  100. I learned from the Butter Queen to make mine with milk, so creamy!!!

  101. Bacon! Bacon! Forgot the bacon!

  102. Lots of rules when it comes to grits lol

  103. Thanks Phillip Diffee. Wish I was there to make some for you.

  104. They left out one: Thou shalt not throw away old grits, but refrigerate them, dip them in egg and fry them for supper.

  105. My other Southern friends, is this true? DW Whitehorn

    1. It is true. I like my grits with salt, pepper and butter. There is a grits casserole that uses cheese and it is good, but I prefer my grits with just the basics. Sometime we need to go to Bob & Edith’s Diner for Eggs Benedict with grits. It is in Arlington on Columbia Pike.

  106. Cornbread up north is called Johnny Cake and is full of sugar and is about the yuckiest stuff you have ever tasted.

  107. If they aren’t cooked with butter and salt, it’s going on after.

  108. Hey what about SHRIMP?

  109. Cheese is good on grits

  110. Agree with all Commandments regarding Grits….Regarding cornbread: Thank Goodness no one dared mention the addition of flour….I would have cried….I believe the addition of flour yields something Yankee they call “Johnny Cakes”….No thank you……..I can see that the ‘sugar’ ingredient has rightfully been nixed by all thinking persons related to Cornbread….

  111. I like to put salt, PEPPER< and butter on my grits. I also break the rule about using instant, as it takes to long to make regular grits.

  112. I like MY grits topped with shrimp. Call me a heathen and pass me your share please.

  113. I’ve met the Jiffy Mix inventor. Nice guy. A little on the short side, but a nice guy.

  114. A little Red Eye gravy on them is good , unless you want to sop the gravy with a great big ole cathead biscuit

  115. Grits are the best comfort food!

  116. If you must use a spoon, you need to start over!

  117. Spoon required grits is like A1 on a ribeye. One is indicative of the quality of the other. Just an old school observation.

  118. just my 2 cents Lol ,,,I am from the south (Tenn) and proud of it ,, so on my grits is will be ,Butter ,salt ,pepper and little whole milk or cream all stired together and must use a spoon ,as not to miss a single morsel of goodness lol ,same with hominy ,,,as for cornbread my mom used white cornmeal.2 or 3 tablespoons of flour,(self rising of course,if she could get it ) beacon grease and buttermilk or cream whichever she had ,poured in a good hot iron skillet to bake ,,,best cornbread i ever ate.

  119. Rich do u eat grits or cream of wheat? I like cream of wheat

  120. I can eat just grits with cheese and toast.

  121. Too many rules! Just eat em’!

  122. No cheese either. Just salt and butter.

  123. But jelly on your grits is wonderful. 🙂

  124. A spoon is a must for grits. So is bacon and eggs for toppings.

    1. I’m a Yankee and I know these things!! LoL

  125. I’m glad shrimp wasn’t on the list. I love shrimp and grits!

  126. I top mine with shrimp. Google Comer’s shrimp and grits recipe.

  127. Salt pepper butter. Thats it. Love them

  128. I do not like this post there are only one set of commandments.

    1. You r kidding, right????????

  129. We buy corn in the 50 lb. bag from Sam’s Club and grind it to make our grits. Best ever!

  130. Yes, Sean DeVine ! As for the grits – along with the butter and salt I also use pepper. 🙂 Love them.

  131. LOL! Funny stuff, but ain’t nobody more southern than I am. I stir my grits, eggs, meat, cheese, & whatever all together and woof it down! Yum!

    1. OH, and red-eye gravy!! WOOOO!

  132. BUT! If you live in Europe and cannot get grits, then polenta is acceptable (not that there is any real difference). And oh, the wonderful things Italians do with polenta.

  133. This Alabama Pioneer love grits with butter and salt 🙂

  134. I love grits with steak and gravy, or with salt pepper and butter, along with other foods!!!

  135. What?! What yankee wrote this abomination. Butter and salt are put in the water in which the grits are cooked….NOT a topping, though more can be added later to taste. AND, black ground pepper is as legitimate in grits as cane syrup is good for sopping up with a biscuit. I put pepper in the pot with the water, salt and butter. As for cornbread, common Southern folk during the depression didn’t have much to add to their cornbread….it was corn meal, water and salt and cooked in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet using either bacon grease or vegetable oil to prevent sticking….no milk, eggs, etc here. And it’s mmmm good.

  136. I love my grits. Got my granddaughter hooked on them at an early age. I may be from the North but I love my grits.

  137. I love syrup on my grits! !

  138. Grits with butter, salt, crisp bacon pieces, AND scrambled eggs — now that’s breakfast and what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

  139. Oh AND cheddar cheese is a must!

  140. I must admit to eating grits with a spoon on occasion. So I can get every last morsel! The rest, I agree with 100%. Especially No sugar or syrup!!!

  141. Don’t see it. I like my grits with butter, sugar and I’ll use whatever utensil I want to use. They’re best with biscuits, bacon, and a couple of fried eggs

  142. That is the ONLY way to eat your grits. Just like a true southerner

  143. Yes yes butter and sugar with a little bit of bacon crumple up inside with a spoon

  144. I will never forget the time I was in NY visiting family. Yes….I am only 1/2 southern by blood, but full on southern by location of birth. We had a group of about 12 out at a lovely resturante and they all began to tease me. They love to tease me about being southern. They got on the subject of grits…..”Oh, I could never eat a grit”, “Oh they just sound nasthy”, “What is a grit anyway”, etc. I sat and listened. Then I came in for the kill. I looked around the table and every single person had polenta on their plate. I said, “Do you know what we call polenta in the south”? Everyone looked at me and had no answer. I said, “grits”. It was hysterical.

  145. No sugar on grits also!!!

  146. I use a spoon–a big one.

  147. you must use buttermilk…not JUST PLAIN MILK

  148. My father worked in a grits mill in Memphis, and company dinners included grits au gratin soufflé, the underlying message of which was, “Suck it, damn Yankees.” So I think cheese and eggs are fine. Not as toppings though. Stir them in. Baking it into a soufflé is optional.

  149. I do love to mix my scrambled eggs in with the grits though. 🙂

  150. You know I love life South of the Mason-Dixon Line, and you have great food ideas, but I still do not do Brussels Sprouts or Grits.

  151. Dang! I have NEVER put syrup on my grits, but this just has me curious enough to do it.

  152. Oops!!! I’m eating my grits with a spoon, but no toppings1

  153. Fry them ….. Right mom, Leslie Gibbeson Dey …..lol

    1. ”How do ya like your Grits? Fried…. LOL (it’s hard to get the right accent when you’re typing.)

    2. How do you fry grits

    3. It’s a family joke… Heard a comic tell that joke right before we moved from California to Alabama.

  154. I love grits ya’ll!!!!! Alabama girl

  155. I love this. Grits,salt and butter. The best. Reminds me of something I over heard in a Waffle House once. There were some people ordering breakfast. From the way they talked you could tell they weren’t from the south. The waitress ask if they wanted grits with their eggs. The guy said “I’ll try one”. The waitress said “we don’t have any tweezers in here”. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

  156. This is blasphemy! Always, always put butter and sugar in your grits. Who wrote this mess?!

    1. Mine always have butter and sugar too!

  157. And bacon should ALWAYS be an add on as well! 🙂

  158. Sorry I like crumbled bacon in my grits, I have liked it like that since I was a kid…..

  159. What ever happened to the True Ohio meat grits that is made from a hog that u butcher in the winter

  160. Henry has told me several of these–I thought you should put milk and sugar on them the first time I was served them–in Texas with my pancakes as a side -and I had not ordered them-still don’t like them.

  161. Has anyone ever had yellow grits???

  162. I like my grits with salt pepper and butter and of course eggs.

  163. I love grits by them self salt and pepper. …

  164. In California the only place to have grits is Denny’s. The waitress brings the grits in a bowl. I then mix in salt, butter, and pepper. I pour the grits over my eggs. When I finish, I look around to make sure no one is watching, and sop with a biscuit. Bacon is a good munch in as well.

    1. Absolutely amazing Douglas.

  165. Those who like sugar or any sweetener in or on their grits must have “Yankee” in their background. All I can say to that is “Bless your Heart”!!! No respected, dyed in cotton, Southerner would put any form of sweetness in their grits. That is my only commandment. Other items may be added once they are cooked and you can eat them with a spoon.

  166. Agree 100% with all except if I don’t eat them with a spoon, what do you suggest I eat them with?

    1. Not supposed to be so soupy as to require a spoon.

  167. Butter, salt & pepper, yum! 🙂

  168. Need some gravy for my grits. I agree no chheese.

  169. I am from New Jersey and had never had grits till I was in boot camp for the Navy. As I was going through the chow line I saw what I thought was cream of wheat. I asked them to put them in a bowl and I put milk and sugar on it. I then thought “these southern folks don’t know how to make cream of wheat”!!

  170. I put sugar on mine and eat with a spoon so I can get every last one !!!!!

  171. 1st thing 1st Grits werent Born in Alabama , neither were Championships ! You can keep the Grits but you must earn any Championship from now on as you found out this year they arent just handed out any more !

    1. Ahhh don’t be jealous , roll tide roll

    2. wut a fool you are , Your just wut makes me hate Bama , I love Bama Football its the fans Most people hate ! You didnt have anything for many years now you think your everything its why everyone else hates you ! BLOCKED

  172. i love grits , with cheese , butter n salt

  173. Love those grits man.

  174. A Salam alaku…..
    My brother

  175. Oh yes, love my grits ! Couldn’t imagine not having them.

  176. me too. or eggs and bacon.yum. always been my favorite. and yes i’ve had yellow grits too. Just a little bit harder to get done but I like them too.

  177. I like my Griggs with bacon and cheese. Sometimes butter and sugar

  178. Always have eggs with mine, wassupp with not knowing that’s delish.

  179. Well guess what . they are my grits and i shall eat them as i please. you only supply power. not good advice.

  180. My whole family is Southern through and through so answer me this…why did my Granddaddy put catsup on grits, runny eggs, etc.? Makes me sick to think about it!

  181. I prefer the Yellow grits.

  182. Shurly a nothena made this little diddy up
    Fora as long as I have grits
    I shall neva go hongry agin
    And as long as I can breathe
    I shall eat my grits as I
    Damn well please.

  183. Grits are on most breakfast menus these days where I live, SanFrancisco Bay Area. They are not that hard to find outside of the south anymore. The Italian version is polenta which is actually harder to find.

  184. I agree with Joann Brown! I’m the only one I know who loves Grits. I actually cook them longer and with more water so they are not actually gritty. I put butter and syrup on them!!! Yum! I found this post hysterical as it seemed just for me! Lmao

  185. CHEESE????????????

  186. Our southern foods are disappearing here in Florida! Our southern staples are slowly being removed from shelves in grocery stores and being replaced. Where’s Dixie Lily? She’s now been reduced to small area in a corner or no area at all. I haven’t seen Miss Sunbeam in long time! Our families have been in the south for close to four hundred years and now we are being reduced to a corner shelf!

  187. Katrina Warren Mohr is this true?

  188. Gotta have cheese grits with my fish.

  189. Ham and eggs with grits and red eye gravy! Yes, please!

  190. Thou shalt never feed me grits.

  191. Mary Jo Gullet, I love my grits and yes, I love these ten commandments

    1. Amen!!! Sugar on grits… Why would you ruin grits like that???

  192. What do you eat them with if you don’t use a spoon? 🙂

  193. also..thou shall not over cook them

  194. Sinning with the butter, and no, I wount give it up!

  195. I would have just stopped at “thou shall not eat grits”! Give me fried potatoes and onions anytime.

  196. Eat yo grits any damn way you want to, but don’t tell me how to eat mine!

  197. How about cheese grits with shrimp!

  198. Famous Amos restaurant in Jacksonville, FL does grits with fried red tomatoes on top; I get that every time, it will fill you up. Apart from that, Waffle House does the best restaurant grits.

  199. I love mine with butter and sugar or salt and pepper…

  200. Guilty of #2, #6. I do eat Cream of Wheat but I always refer to it as Cream of Wheat…..never GRITS.
    Love my grits…..

  201. Check out that 3rd commandment though!! Lol!! Rob

  202. I can’t believe you left out red eye gravy! Come on AP.

  203. I believe my Mama used to make patties from left over grits and fried them. She lived through the Great Depression and nothing was wasted.


  205. cheese grits are a MUST with fried catfish, hush puppies n’ slaw 🙂

  206. And if thou puttest red-eye gravy on thy grits, it shall not be an abomination.

    1. I use a spoon and sometimes add poached eggs. Sue me.

  207. Give me some Jim Dandy or Quaker Grits Anyday,top it off with som butter& cheddar cheese,a little salt,hey,I’m a country girl,I grew up on those grits,I luv ’em,especially with some bacon,sausage,&/eggs!

  208. Love gree-utts!! Just not soupy, and CERTAINLY not with sugar.

  209. I love instant grits with syrup on top, eaten with a spoon. The end. But I’m a damn Yankee, so whatdoIknow.

  210. peanutbutter is good too

  211. One of the best dishes with grits is squirrel grave with biscuits on the side.

  212. People who put sugar on grits, should be beaten with sticks! Sorry, Auntie Carol! LOL

  213. what are you supposed to eat grits with if not a spoon???

  214. Spoon and instant//////guilty.

  215. The only way I can get my northern husband to eat grits is butter, bit of bacon drippings and bit of sugar.

  216. I guess I am going to grit hel#! At least it landed in my mouth thanks to my spoon.

  217. It puts the sugar on the grits.

  218. My folks came from Ireland to Alabama to Texas in 1850 we still follow the ten commandents of cornbread to a T. As for Grits, we cook em from scratch, salt,pepper and butter em ,pour some milk in and drink em like old country porridge. yum, yum !

  219. How many counties in Alabama have had their records destroyed ? What counties?

  220. […] 1, 1961 printed an interesting story from Tallahassee, Florida about the Native Americans and grits and eggs. In 1961 there was archaeological find that dates back to the early 1800s in Alabama which […]

  221. I’ve tried to be a grits ambassador for years. Most people’s lack of interest traces to their firm belief in their own innate superiority to southern people. Such grits haters can only be persuaded by referring to grits as “Polenta “. But many interested people are still put off of grits by their own failures to cook them completely, season them properly, or to serve them with the right additives. I’ve tried to convert these people by explaining that grits are simply southern pasta and, as such, should be cooked until tender, have the same butter and salt you’d put on pasta, and be served alongside a protein. They are not to be served while still gritty. If simmering for two hours is a bother then simply boil them hard while stirring for three minutes before simmering for five. Above all, ignore the instructions on the Quaker box. They think they can sell grits by convincing people they can be cooked in no time. This is a lie. And there’s nothing wrong with bacon-fried shrimp grits.

  222. […] had so much fun with grits and cornbread, we decided to add Deep South […]

  223. […] are many recipes for the perfect glass of sweet iced tea, but like the Ten Commandments for Grits, Ten Commandments of Deep South Butterbeans, and  Ten Commandments for Cornbread, there are some […]

  224. Born in 1948,I was raised on grits! Still eat them today

  225. I agree with one exception. Thou shall also put crumbled bacon in thy grits. Absolutely never anything sweet!

  226. Use only tons of butter,eat with bacon,ham,sausage.

  227. Cheese grits are a must with fried fish (catfish).!!

  228. Butter,Shrimp and Cream Cheese

  229. Makes me too hongry to tell about shrimp an cheese grits, apple butter, got to stop and go eat.

  230. Merry Christmas & Happy NY to you and yours.

  231. The Bible mentions grits. Only the Bible calls them manna.

    1. Try again partner u must be joking right!

    2. Never joke about grits

  232. Grits are and always have been a staple in our house. Fish & Grits, Shrimp & Grits is a real speciality. Cheese & Grits w/ eggs bacon, ham, &/or any kind of sausage is always a real blessing to sit down to. Now for real down home lovers of all things eaten with grits…..you know that grits and gravy (beef/pork) wit them little bite sized specks of meat in em is downright savory and mouth watering served day or night.

    Never been a fan of sweet grits of any kind.

    Deep roots in Tuskegee, AL.

  233. Thou shall season while cooking! I am always disappointed when I eat breakfast out and the grits has not been seasoned. Everything on the menu is seasoned but the grits. ???

  234. This is a question rather than a comment. The only brand of grits I seem to find here in the Daytona Beach area are Quaker Oats. They lack the texture that I’ve always found so pleasing in grits—kind of thin and if not cooked very well, a little runny.

    Where can I find a brand more to my taste?

  235. As for eggs on grits. Thou salt only top your buttered, salted and peppered cheesy grits with a 3 and a half minute poached egg. This will provide the proper runniness of the yolk and texture for the white. Seasoning your grits with bacon grease, instead of butter, would not incur any penalties.

  236. Amanda Schilke – because you need some schoolin’!

  237. Try it with a little Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products Just the Slap Ya mama seasoning. It’s divine.

  238. One of my pet peeves is ordering grits in a restaurant and they are sooo soupy they have to be served in a bowl! SO WRONG.

    1. Don’t like to get them with big lumps either. Yuck!

    2. And no flavor,they don’t season them,l have not found any restaurant that knows how to make them, finally just quit ordering them and have those at home !!

    3. Shoney’s back in the day had good grits but other than that you are right Krissie!

  239. Salt pepper butter or just cheddar cheese!

  240. This may be blasphemous, but have you tried homemade bacon and tomato gravy on grits? Absolutely delicious!

    1. Bet it is ,l always drink tomato juice with them,just seems to go well with the grits .

  241. Probably shouldn’t post this. Butter and SUGAR.

    1. That is how I eat mine too, but was afraid to post. Glad I am not the only one.

    2. Yes! Butter & Sugar. The only way to eat them! And WITH a spoon.

    3. That’s cream of wheat. Grits are not meant to be sweet.

    4. I am from Alabama. Butter and sugar for me.

    5. Stella Cummings Fagan Also the same for Cream of Wheat and Oatmeal….And Oatmeal gets raisins.

    6. Never sugar!!! I grew up in Alabama and never had grits with sugar!!! Doesn’t even sound good to me.

    7. Butter and sugar yes! I was born and raised in Alabama and this is the best way to enjoy grits. Unless there’s bacon. Then the bacon gets crumbled in too.

  242. Love my grits with scrambled eggs. Of course they have butter salt and pepper. Yum yum

  243. I will eat my grits with a spoon…in fact my only rule is “thou shalt not tell me what to do”

  244. Butter salt pepper. If eating by theirselves sugar

  245. Normally Butter and salt only .Once in a while brown gravy with dried beef over the top . Grew up a Navy Brat it was either grits or toast

  246. True good slow cook grits are becoming harder and harder to find here in Alabama. So far, out of all the grocery stores we have, walmart, Winn Dixie, save more, pig, aldi, the only place to find them is publix!

    1. Same with oatmeal which I use in a cookie recipe. It’s quick or nothing.

    2. I have a little more luck in that area…aldi has a whole rolled oat product, but, smaller packaging and still not as common as processed!

    3. We have Super Foods in Tallassee, slow cooker grits still sold there, thankfully. All we have is Super Foods and Wal Mart .

    4. My husband’s wonderful assistant gives us s gift box from Cracker Barrel every Christmas, and it includes a bag of real grits, so check there if you need a source.

    5. Well…i have had those and they are giod…but a little pricy! I need a consistent source without breaking the bank. Here we can get them from an old grist mill by they are about 7 bucks a pound! They can be ordered all day online…it is just a shame that people prefer the highly processed ones so much that it isn’t cost effective to keep them on the shelves. Not to mention, if you learn to cook them correctly, they are the very best thing in the world, proper preparation is becoming a lost art

    6. I did the happy dance last year in Alaska on a cruise ship the morning they had grits. I had two bowls.. God forbid out west ask for Sweet tea either. They just do not have it.

    7. Look up Oakview Farms on line. Grinds his grits and many other products. Best grits ever! And they do ship.

    8. It is located in Wetumpka, AL.

    9. A friend does hers in a crock pot overnight..

  247. Grits Quiche very yummy .

  248. I like mine with bacon crumbled on top and real butter melting into the rich gooeyness of the grits. Mama always bought Jim Dandy Grits; hard to find now-a-days.

  249. proud of my Bama roots but can’t stand grits

    1. Missing out on a good thing !!

    2. Ate them many times Krissie…just prefer oatmeal…..red eye gravy though is another matter lol….yum

  250. I’ve been eating grits with a spoon when it’s in a bowl. Nothing wrong with it.

  251. I always eat my grits with a spoon. If I wanted to eat grits with a fork, I’d make baked grits. I was born and raised in the South and have always, always seen grits served soft enough to be eaten with a spoon. If they are served hard enough to be eaten with a fork, they are overcooked and/or under hydrated.

    1. And called polenta.

    2. Use spoon to get it all!

  252. Grits cooked right is becoming a lost art. Southern girls should practice as much as possible!

  253. Grits and liver pudding. It’s a NC thing

    1. What is liver pudding? Maybe l don’t want to know !!!

    2. Liver mush, Scrapple all are liver loaf kind of like boudin

  254. Never had cheese grits until we visited Natchez, now my daughter asks for it every day. I prefer butter and pepper.

  255. I like eating them with a spoon if they are very soft.

  256. i use a spoon, don’t want to miss a drop of those grits !!!!!!!

  257. Paige Dial Giddiens

  258. For the liquid I cook mine in equal parts water and half & half. Then ample butter. Simmer them until they are thick. Makes them rich and creamy.

  259. Red- eye gravy is also good.

  260. My grits must have garlic,cheese,and butter. At the very least lots of lrish butter,plenty of salt and pepper. Not thin or watery. Love them this way. And with toast.

  261. I am a west coast girl, married to a southern boy….and I love Grits !! But I HATE instant Grits !!!!!

  262. James Wilson So do l

  263. With a spoon, butter and sugar….only way!

  264. Along with the butter, salt, and cheese, I add diced jalapeños and green chilies as well as hot sauce

  265. I like to mix my grits w cheese and eggs

  266. I’ll fix my grits any dang way I want to. MERICA

  267. Mr B’s in New Orleans puts mascapone in their grits, unbelievably delicious.

  268. Salt pepper butter over medium fried egg on top. Bacon on the side

  269. Guess I’m a blasphemous heathen then…..I do whatever strikes my mood at the time….syrup, sugar, butter salt and pepper…….sometimes I even mix it up and start with butter salt and pepper and finish it off with syrup or sugar. LOL

    1. and I definitely use a spoon! LOL

  270. Grits are not made to eat with shrimp either. NASTY

    1. Never tried, but want to!

    2. I just can’t bring myself to try them

    3. Man if you ever have some good homemade shrimp and grits, you’ll be a believer!

    4. I’m sorry Mr. Sharp I just can’t do it

  271. Butter, black pepper and cheese

  272. I grew up in the Savannah area. So I ate grits all my life, and I ate boiled shrimp all my life. When I was young I never thought mix them. What a fool I was!

    1. Sorry the angry emoji. Was an accident meant heart fat fingers

    2. Janet, you can undo the emoji by re-clicking “like”, then click the emoji you intended.

  273. Piggly Wiggly has Jim Dandy grits.

  274. Oh so very nasty anyway you could fix them…

  275. Love grits just with better

  276. Many ways:

    Grits and jelly

    Grits, butter, salt, pepper

    Grits with sugar on top

    Grits with sugar & cinnamon on top

    Grits and eggs mixed together

    Coming from Florida, I didn’t begin to appreciate grits until I lived in Alabama.

  277. I’m from Central NY a long long time ago and love grits. What I haven’t seen in any of the above posts are grits with red eye gravy… Is that taboo now?

    1. Man what I wouldn’t do for some of my moms red eye gravy and grits!

    2. Red eye gravy was my husbands choice, I liked butter and sugar.

    3. Oh my yes. Those go together. Country ham on the side.

    4. That’s a NC recipe, I asked for biscuits and gravy at a Truck Stop and they put red eye gravy on them! Can’t believe cream gravy isn’t universal!

    5. You made me look up red eye gravy.

    6. Have thought about Red Eye Gravy in a while

    7. Barbara Shortt red eye gravy is made with tomatoes

    8. No, John Sokol, red eye gravy is made with the grease from frying country ham and coffee. It is wonderful, but never made with tomatoes.

    9. I ‘ve had it once or twice but I remember it being really good

    10. Tomato gravy is made with tomatoes. I wouldn’t put it on grits but biscuits or rice.

    11. Tomato gravy is specatcular on biscuits with fried eggs or meatloaf.

    12. Redeye or coffee gravy as some call it and about four cathead biscuits. …oh Lord.

  278. No spoon and no bacon. I might resign from the Southern Grits Lovers Association.

  279. No to Grits! Forced to eat as a kid and I always said once I was an adult I would never eat them again. Yuck!

  280. I’m a purest, I like mine with bitter, salt, and cheese.

  281. I don’t like grits.

  282. My Cajun uncle used to say the great conundrum was:
    Do you stir your eggs into your grits, or your grits into your eggs?

  283. Even cheese is an affront to the purity of grits!

  284. That’s right!! I like mine with 2 eggs, over easy & mashed up into the grits, with bacon bits, salt & pepper & Butter, Not margarine!

  285. The ONLY way to eat grits is with butter and sugar ONLY!

    1. Nope! No sugar. Only salt and pepper

    2. Yuck yuck yuck. Be like eating sand.

  286. I eat with a spoon. I live in Alabama.

  287. yellow grits with a tad of sugar!

  288. Had shrimp and grits for lunch today. Have grits for breakfast 3-4 times a week.

  289. I eat grits with salt, pepper, butter, and sometimes cheese! I can use either a fork or a spoon.

    1. I like butter and homemade strawberry preserves. Yum

  290. Carol Zurbrick Gibson

  291. You people, quit talking about grits, you are making me so hungry. And it’s too late tonight to go to store and buy grits and cook them. Now I’m starving for grits.

  292. Salt butter and cheese? What about the black pepper! Loads of it for every bite worth of cheese.

  293. Salt and lots of pepper /gravy

  294. How do I like my grits? On your plate.

  295. Jim dandy 20 min grits. Only. Swimming in BUTTER.

  296. Butter and jelly!

  297. I add Velveeta Cheese to the water as I am cooking my grits – also salt, pepper and sometimes butter.

  298. Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese, boiled chicken breast seasoned well, salt & pepper!!!

  299. Shrimp and Gouda cheese grits:)!!!! But who in the hell puts syrup on their grits, bless their hearts…

  300. I like my grits wit salt pepper and butter.

  301. Nothing better than fried eggs grits with salt pepper and butter and bacon. Plus a big old pan of biscuits. Now that is breakfast.

  302. Jim Dandy are the best grits.

  303. Grits, broken up bacon, over easy eggs, butter, cheese and ground pepper all mixed together.

  304. Must be from the north, if you put sugar on grits

  305. Hello ham is great with grits or for variety add a little chicken broth while cooking

  306. I’ll eat my grits any way I want thank you very much. Keep your nose outa my grits

  307. Love blackberry grits. Eat mine with a spoon too

  308. I like my grits with shredded Tasso ham and over-easy eggs on the side. Best grits are slow-cooked overnight in a Crockpot. Instant grits do a fair job of holding wallpaper on the wall.

  309. I like mine on someone else’s plate, and in someone else’s stomach
    Just saying.

    1. You can put them on my plate.

  310. Linda Barineau Smith

  311. Butter, salt and pepper

  312. I cook my grits with 1 egg and a dash of pepper, after its thick I add a spoonful of sour cream, crumbled bacon bits on top with butter. I was born and raised in the south and everyone raves over my grits. But for those who have never learned to love grits…DO NOT eat restaurant grits, unless the owner is a southerner…I find them bland, runny and generally disgusting.
    **Oh cheese and shrimp are nice add ins, but too much cheese covers the flavor.

  313. I get my grits hand ground by a man in Sandcut, Al. Best I’ve ever had and a few bucks worth will keep you supplied for a while.

  314. I’m not sure about those commandments. I eat mine with a spoon. Also, you can ask whether a restaurant serves instant grits before you order them. I always do. Best seasoning ever for them: Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products

  315. Like mine with sugar and butter. NO cheese!!!

  316. Sugar just seems to be sacrilege.

  317. Salt and pepper (with butter) is for grits…sugar is for cream of wheat

  318. Try it. I think cheese is some yankee shit.

  319. Linda McFarland Barber Wendy Childers Lawrence

  320. I don’t care about anyone else’s rules. I eat them with a spoon, I put butter and brown sugar on mine.

    1. Grits are ground corn, would you really put brown sugar on corn? oh welll none of my business.

  321. I use a fork. If it’s cooked right, no problem.

  322. Salt, pepper and butter no sugar!

  323. Grits w/butter. Lots of sugar & a little milk in Oatmeal

  324. Add some butter, cheese, bacon, and over easy eggs and you have some of the best damn grits ever!

  325. Stone-ground grits cooked with part water and milk, Half &Half or cream.

  326. Butter , salt and pepper. I do confess to eating with a spoon even when cooked just right.

  327. I have always wondered why when restaurants cook them, they don’t salt them first. Ugh you can’t season them after the fact and them be good. But I love w salt, pepper and butter

  328. I like mine same as you, no instant grits, good old fashioned grits with lots of butter! Yum!

  329. Dice up a vine ripe tomato and stir into the buttered grits, salt and pepper.

  330. Aunt Jemima or Dixie Lily regular grits (no quick or instant product), cold water & salt. Water to grits ratio is 4:1, but feel free to add water during the cooking/stirring process. All heat up together. Stir with fork, not spoon. Just hot enough to bubble, but stop the bubbling by stirring. (You can’t properly cook grits from another room.) After 20 minutes of cooking, break up and mix in crispy bacon. Eat with spoon from white Corelle bowl.

  331. I love grits!! I want butter, salt and cheese with mine.

  332. Grits are good but I definitely prefer cream of wheat! Eat them once/twice a week.

  333. Butter, salt and pepper.

  334. A good batch with crumbled sausage, bacon, cheese and sunny side up egg all mixed in. Yummy.

  335. Seems like it’s hard to find real Grits. The supermarkets all have quick Grits, which have no taste. Real Grits taste like corn. I found McEwan and Sons Grits and love the taste. It’s even an Alabama company! Best Grits Ever!! You can even order them online.

  336. With plenty of butter and salt. Cheese, bacon, or ham

  337. sugar butter an must be cooked in milk

  338. Stone ground grits sold at the Country Store in Callaway Gardens GA are the best.

  339. I am sorry but i shall continue to crumble my bacon up in my grits till the day i die.

  340. I have never found grits I wouldn’t eat! Love them so much!

  341. I like butter and eggs on mine

  342. Salt and butter hominy grits for me!! Love my cream of wheat and oatmeal cooked the same way! Granddaughter loves garlic and butter on her grits!

  343. Born and raised in Pensacola Florida, I love my grits with two eggs over easy, bacon, buttermilk bisquits and sometimes with Redeye gravy and chedder cheese. That my friends, is heaven on mother earth.

  344. Nope! I put brown sugar, butter and some milk on my grits.

    1. Laurie Schatzman Waltz where are you from ?

    2. Betty Teague
      Ok…I hate to admit it but I’m originally from……California.
      both my parents were from the mid west.

  345. Do not put sugar in grits

  346. I don’t like them yuk!

  347. No sugar of any kind. I don’t mind a spoon.

  348. Ate my grits with a spoon all my life

  349. Salt and lots of butter…. and a spoon…. 🙂

    1. Donna Santos Griffith Occasionally Fresh Cooked Bacon Crumbles

  350. Sorry, I put butter and sweetener on mine, yes I’m from the Midwest, not a Southerner, lol.

  351. Salt, pepper, butter, and yes to a spoon.

  352. Butter and salt!

  353. Cream, salt, butter, cheese, bacon or sausage…

  354. Love the red eye gravy flavor instance grits. No sugar.

    1. Jenny Adams much better with real grits and homemade red eye gravy.

    1. Yes this is the truest

  355. Nothing sweet, salt and pepper. Heavy on the pepper. And I do use a spoon. Born and raised in Alabama. Thick grits.

    1. Michael Keyes thick grits require very long cooking time. If they do not pile up when spooned over the pot…not ready yet.

    2. Laura Lee Watts

    3. Michael Keyes my kind of grits!

  356. I like them in bowl

  357. Salt and lots of butter.Never ate grits until college and I love them.

  358. Fried eggs and grits.
    Scrambled eggs with grits.
    Gravy and grits.
    Butter and grits.
    Southern states staple food.

    1. Doug Etheredge red eye gravy…

  359. Salt, pepper, garlic, sharp cheddar

  360. Butter sugar a little milk

  361. salt, pepper and lots of butter.

  362. I was raised with butter and sugar. My mom says it’s a hot cereal. I will eat them with salt and pepper.

  363. Either “salt, half n half, and cheese” or “lots of butter and sugar”. There is NO in-between!!

  364. Oh wait… Plain grits… Over easy eggs …. And ketchup. #amazing

    1. Trish Martin Chisling ketchup?? Lol

    2. Jeffery Witkowski Jr. Hysterical. Are you a Princess?

    3. Jeffery Witkowski Jr. Your snarky comment won’t load… Shame…. Lol

  365. Salt pepper butter and grape jelly

  366. The only grits i I will eat are Colonial Milling! Oh my goodness! Michelle Stauffer

  367. I love grits with any or all of the above (not at the same time). Anything but SHRIMP!!!!

    1. Mike Neighbors gotta have a little cajun in you in order to love shrimp in grits..yahee. Dim is good

  368. I never knew people put sugar on grits. Salt, pepper, butter, or red eye gravy here.

  369. I like with butter n a lil bit of sugar!!! Splenda is good too!!!

  370. Lots of butter and sugar

    1. They aren’t supposed to be runny.

  371. Butter and Splenda. Yummy

  372. Don’t forget hot sauce just till they turn red

  373. Raised in AL, eat them with a spoon and onions, Sweet Peppers, ham, butter , salt and lots of Black Pepper!!

  374. Grits=Georgia Ice Cream

  375. Butter and salt only!!! ( and eggs of course)!

  376. Butter and sugar…using whatever utensil I have in my hand.

  377. I use a fork but I want yellow grits topped with a little sugar and no butter.

  378. Grits is singular
    To be eaten with butter – salt – and pepper

  379. Butter, salt and cheese

  380. Love grits every day but no sugar

  381. Butter and sugar please

  382. Butter and cheese. Salt to taste.

  383. Thou shalt not tell me how to eat my grits.

  384. Butter and sugar but eat them by themselves not with other breakfast foods

  385. Butter, salt and pepper.

  386. S&P, butter, crumbled bacon.

  387. Butter & Tabasco sauce

    1. Tobasco? SMH —

    2. Try some Slap Yo Mama. It’s got a tolerable kick, and some other spices in it, too, that make it fantastic on grits.

  388. Butter and s&p. Lots of pepper

    1. Doug Carr And Tabasco (or Texas Pete)

  389. That’s okay Kelly, I sweeten mine also! Yellow grits are the best because they’re naturally sweeter!

  390. Cheese makes everything better, so, butter AND cheese!

  391. Grits & sausage gravy

  392. Salt, butter, and a light sprinkle of sugar .

  393. Thou SHALL put 2 fried eggs, a bisque, and 2 pieces of bacon beside my REAL grits.

  394. Salt, pepper and butter! You have to add salt in your water when cooking grits to taste ! Otherwise very bland! Hard to salt them to taste after cooked! Then I mix my over medium fried eggs and grits together! Yummy

  395. I like to put bacon grease on mine.

  396. Butter and sugar, everyone knows that. Especially if your from the south

  397. Butter salt and pepper!

  398. Butter and sugar and yes you must have a spoon ! Otherwise you eat them like a yankee. My grandmother who was a gentle southern woman taught me this correct way to eat grits. She lived to well in her 90s and I am now in my 60s so she was very knowledgeable about such matters!

    1. No sugar in the south. Born and raised in the south and I never heard of it until recently.Noooooooo sugar!!!!!!

  399. Sugar is a northern thing. It’s salt, pepper, and butter for Southerners. Also, if you can find some Slap Yo Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products – it is delicious on grits.

  400. My ex husband was from South Dakota, but his father was raised in Arkansas. He once told me that there are two kinds of grits eaters (he didn’t specify a regional preference), those who eat them like hot cereal (sugar and, sometimes, milk), and those who eat them like mashed potatoes (butter and salt, cheese, gravy, or any combination). I’ve always been of the savory persuasion.

  401. Apparently I’ve been sinning against sacred grits by making cream of wheat and calling it grits…

    1. Jane Osborne what exactly are grits made of—corn?

  402. Butter, salt, and not Instant!

  403. Next time you ask this question, I wish you’d request that people state where they’re from. Some of these people claiming to be Southerners while putting sugar on their grits are apparently unaware that they have a yankee in their family somewhere up the line.

    1. Rebecca Martin ,not necessarily true. I put sugar on grits growing up in Alabama and can assure you, we had no Yankee ancestors !! Lol

  404. I agree with you Wanda ! Add a little cheese !

  405. I do LOVE grits !!! 🙂 Dan Gressang

  406. Butter, salt lots of pepper

  407. I agree salt, butter & cheese.

  408. Kyle Smith, this is for you!

  409. Sausage be good with grits

  410. Salt. pepper, and cream cheese!