1. We have come a long way, Baby..

  2. Wow, my mother was a high school junior in 1953.

  3. Sure as hell can believe it. I’m honestly surprised that anyone other than white Christian men are allowed to live in this state.

  4. Time to rethink universal suffrage. Democracy is a disease.

  5. No way don Jacobs! Know you joking, but women are a great influencer in today’s elections!

  6. Don Jacobs you’re really sad. You’re so desperate to portray anyone with different views, you spread any lie that suits your purpose. You actually think “memes” are true. It must be lonely in that narrow little mind of yours. Russian troll.

  7. Debbie Brock
    You know what’s really sad. Having no sense of humor. Well maybe not sad, you’re actually pitiful.

  8. Native American Indians only got citizenship in their own country,,on their own land…100 years ago..!!!!!NO JOKE..

  9. Absolutely. And the Republican congress and Senate still won’t pass equal pay. You can thank Republicans when you vote.

    1. Mary Fran Democrats ran this state until the late 80’s. I guess they didn’t think it was very important either.
      Just saying.

    2. Robbie Cates You are EXACTLY RIGHT!!!

  10. The real question is why did it take until 1953 for Alabama to ratify the 19th Amendment in the state constitution?

  11. I look at this photo and I bet these women were in their 40s and 50s. How a woman’s appearance has changed in her aging years.

  12. You bet…if you live in Alabama its easy to believe…real easy…

  13. I love Alabama. Nicest people anywhere.

  14. I have no problem believing it.

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