1. How did he get the name Pathkiller?

  2. Been to this site many times. Wish there was away to look for book about Lineville, Clay County, Alabama.

    1. For histories of Lineville and Clay County go to this website and click on any of the great articles by Don C. East, a Clay County native and local historian.


      My wife’s ancestors, the McCains, settled in what is now Clay County in the late 1830’s.

  3. Didn’t Sherman come thru Cherokee county on his march, near the end of the Civil War. Destroying everthing in his path?

    1. Sherman was a despicable individual ( Notice I did not say person or human). He should have been charged with war crimes and then hung for his actions against the people of the South. (Women and Children who suffered)

  4. My ancestors, surnames Wright and Starnes, were residents of Cherokee County in the 1900 Census.

  5. How would I go about finding Pathkillers’ grave site…..I am a history nut and
    would like to at least see it?

    I am sure there are a lot of sites close to Gadsden I could investigate if I only
    knew where they were.

  6. Beautiful, reflection old cemetary, history.

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