1. Michael Lee Kidd

  2. We forget that this part of the country was once the Southwest.

  3. Tina White Burnett

  4. It is said that the man who actually shot William Bonner was another man with Alabama roots , last name Poe , Garret’s deputy .

  5. We’re the Barrows from Tarborough, N.C.?

  6. no, but I have garretts from here at this time in my fam so im going to look

    1. My grandmothers grandmother was a Garrett.

    2. Eric Allen Smith I have to look when I have a min, mine would have married a Hightower.

  7. Interesting story, I did not know the accomplishments of Pat Garrett after he killed Billy the Kid.

  8. He was a nephew to one of my great grandfather.

    1. Probably a relative of mine, also. My GGGGrrandmother was Martha Garrett Yarbrough. Who was his father?

  9. Yep, I knew that.

  10. And doc skurlock who rode with. Billy the kid was born in tallapoosa county alabama

    1. Rite on doc…..didn’t know that.

  11. His parents are buried not too far from my dad’s deer camp in Louisiana. 🙂

  12. I didn’t know that!

  13. Great information

  14. Jimmy Scott Garrett.

  15. I personally don’t think Pat Garrett killed Henry McCarthy aka William Bonney aka Billy the Kid.

  16. Oh my … What history~~~~

  17. Joan Gregory, Sharon Gregory Olsen, Gregorys have Alabama roots!

  18. I married a girl named Pat Garrett from troupe county ga. Troupe county borders chambers co. Lol

  19. Very interesting history of Chambers County!

  20. Pat Garrett had a 12 tag…lol

  21. This is something interesting.

  22. Yes, I knew that. I’ve been ashamed of it for quite a while now.

  23. “Creek Indian cession”. You mean the land theft of the Creek Nation.

    1. Ok. We will give it back starting with yours. My grandmother was 1/2 Creek but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that back in the old days land was conquered and taken from others. It’s happened all over the world and was a bad thing. Even the native tribes did the same to other tribes. Stop,pretending like this country is the only people to ever do such.

    2. David Jones Jr. I’m not pretending, but I also refuse to rewrite history and make it all PC.

  24. Did not lnow this….

  25. Chambers County, Home to some of my kin folks-Thomases and Alsobrooks.

  26. Chambers County, Home to some of my kin folks-Thomases and Alsobrooks.

  27. Jimmy Streat, interesting history of Chambers County…

  28. Jimmy Streat, interesting history of Chambers County…

  29. They ended up in Los Cruises, New Mexico so they had to be running from something, nothing but a giant sand pile…lol

  30. There is a historic marker stating just that across from Perlis truck stop in Chambers county!

  31. Cindy Hightower David Rice Stephen Rice Annette Elliott Katie Rice Johnson Carol Wood Rice Isreal Henry little ole’ chambers county

    1. Cusseta. There is a marker there.

  32. Brushy Bill says no. 🙂

  33. Here are some great pictures and history of Chambers County. Interesting!

  34. WELL” Thanks no I did not know that…..

  35. And doc skurlock who rode with billy the kid was from tallapoosa county

  36. I need to research this further. My second great grandfather moved from South Carolina to Chambers County in the mid 1800’s.

  37. Roxie Pilcher Luster

  38. I believe that would be murdered not killed. You don’t shoot someone that’s in bed.

    1. Have not heard this account of “The Kid’s” death. I have only been taught that the Kid entered a darkened room where Pat Garrett was visting and asked, “¿Quien es?”.

    2. What I saw on a documentary (doesn’t mean it’s true) was the kid was visiting a girlfriend and Pat opened the door while they were let’s say distracted and shot the kid. He was naked, unarmed Also he was the one that left the gun in the outhouse. He wanted the reputation as the one that killed Billy

    3. Thank you! I’m going to read some more! My understanding had also come from a documentary. Guess it’s time to dig some more! HaHa

  39. And Billy the Kid’s real name was William Henry McCarty jr.

  40. Pat’s grandparents are buried at cusseta Cemetery

  41. No I didn’t know that.

  42. Did not know this!

  43. I currently live in Dona Ana County and I heard on the radio this morning that the coroner’s report on Pat Garrett was recently found and they’re going to have a public reading of it tomorrow morning.

  44. There is a Historical Marker at exit 70 on I-85 north… Cusseta exit (Bridges Western Wear)

  45. Birth place of boxer Joe Loius, too.

  46. On land stolen from the natives. My, what a proud heritage!

    1. Are you talking about the land that was stolen from the caveman.

  47. Well he is not a hero to me, even if it was Billy the Kid he shot in the back, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    1. Jesse James was shot in the back.. Garret shot from the darkness as Billy asked who it was… he was coming to visit his girlfriend. 🙁

    2. But it was from the front

    3. William Pacatte we only know what we have heard but if he did kill him from behind I’m not proud of him.

  48. Doc Scurlock was from Tallapoosa county

  49. I have Garrett and Jarvis in my family tree. I’ve tried to find a connection to him but have not been able to.

    1. Stacy Ray I have Garrett in my family tree also!

    2. Has anyone been told the name may be the same as Garrison?????

  50. That’s interesting. So many different accounts of the lives of both men. Whether or not a shot in the back or if Bonnie was run over by mule train, it ended an evil man’s life of murder. The families of the two deputies he killed while escaping jail shared their stories too.

  51. Interesting. I have Garrett ancestors that were in that area of north Louisiana/south Arkansas

  52. Oh wow! I love this.

  53. Wow neat history

  54. I did not know that

  55. It was only speculated that he killed him. Yes he was from Alabama and it is also believed that Billy had family in Alabama.

  56. Did you know that Doc Scurlock was from Tallapoosa County? What are the odds? These counties border each other for those who are not familiar

    1. Shea Dye
      Well heck, they rode together so I guess being a county next to one another they met at the line.!!

    2. From what I’ve read, that is not the case. Garrett was in Louisiana by the time he was 3

  57. One of my lost family members

  58. Kent Hale another bit of history

  59. Their is more like him in alabama!!!

  60. He is mean looking

  61. Kent Hale more Alabama history

  62. Didn’t he shoot him in the back? Or am I mistaken, which is entirely possible.

  63. garrett’s are still in the area