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Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama shipped cotton goods to China

Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama shipped cotton goods to China in 1883

(Transcribed from Anniston Hot Blast, Anniston, Alabama, October 20, 1883)


Some important facts about our Cotton Factory

What Anniston is Doing in the Way of Cotton Manufacturing and Where our Goods are sold

An Interesting Account

Anniston and China – The two places are a great ways apart, yet they have commercial relations amounting to the exchange of thousands of yards of cloth made in Anniston out of Calhoun county cotton, for the gold dollars of the almond-eyed. Celestial.

In the articles on Anniston’s manufactories which appeared in the HOT BLAST in preceding issues, we briefly told what was being done here in the way of manufacturing iron. To-day we will succinctly state the facts about another enterprise of equal importance. Owing to the business capacity, enterprise and foresight of Col. Alfred L. Tyler, the President of the Woodstock Iron Co., Anniston is blessed with a cotton factory fully equipped with all the modern machinery necessary for making cotton goods.

Once named Woodstock – this city was one of first in Alabama to try electricity

Factory built in 1881

To the music of its twelve thousand spindles, —asy looms are consuming five (?) thousand bales of cotton per annum feeding them the raw material grown almost (in sight ?) of its tower. The factory gives employment to three hundred and twenty-five hands, and pays them good wages and houses them in comfortable homes. The factory was built in 1881 and has been a success from the day it started. For the six months just ended, the earnings of this mill was seven per cent,… knowing that cannot be excelled by any mill in the north or south.

Group of boys working in Woodstock Cotton Mills. 1910 by Lewis Wickes Hine (Library of Congress)

Cotton sent to New York, then China

The mill consumes 5000 bales of cotton a year that is made into cloth. Outside of the amount sold in Anniston, the balance goes to New York and is shipped direct to China. The cotton that is made by the dusky son of Ham almost in the shadow of the factory clothes the children of Yang Foo and Chi Lang, thousands of miles away. The mill owes its success to its splendid management and stands a monument to Col. A. L. Tyler its President. Mr. Herbert Fisher is the Superintendent, Mr. John B. Goodwin the Secretary and Treasurer, and Mr. D. T. Goodwin, paymaster and general salesman.

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