1. I find your History of Alabama very compelling. I have lived all my 50 years in the Cedar Bluff/Little River Canyon area & I look forward to reading about this area. I have a book about the construction of Weiss Lake but would enjoy more info on the area before this.

  2. I love reading about our great state of Alabama. I live in Cherokee Co. My friend Brenda Deems sent history of Al. via Facebook. I love it.

  3. I too love the stories I come from a Langston Line and a Crowder line both came to Alabama.

  4. ……….LOVE THE HISTORY…….

  5. I love History always have

  6. Does the Old Alabama Road roughly follow some marked, modern highway? I’d like to be able to trace the route on a map. Thank you.

  7. I find your historical information on Alabama very fascinating. I am a African American descendant of Barton, Alabama.

    1. Thank you!

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