1. FYI: Wilis Wesley Jordan and Mary Alice Large married 11 Mar 1873 at the Birmingham Court House. There first daughter Malinda Ann Jordan was born Dec 1873 in Parkdale, Alabama (source application for Social Security) SO the new couple did not stay for the epidemic.

  2. Horse Branch Hill Gardendale Alabama remember my dad telling me the story of families having to move out near the creek and up closer to where now HWy 31 is to get away from this !!! Wish I had more details

  3. […] 1873 the young community was almost depopulated by an epidemic of cholera; and in the same year its financial ruin was all but completed by the financial panic which began […]

  4. Heard most of Union Hill cem internments from this time

  5. The was a Cholera epidemic in Russellville AL in 1836 this was in a paper that was in Marion Herald

  6. There was a cholera epidemic in Russellville Al in 1836 that almost wipe the little town out There were upward 80 people dead some still in the homes the town was almost deserted this was reported by the Marion County Herald

  7. Driven by drovers.