1. I love learning all this Alabama history.

  2. I like the history of Alabama.

  3. My grandmother graduated from an institution with apparently two names, according to her diploma that I have framed and displayed on a wall in my home. The two institutions were the Alabama Normal School for Girls and Livingston Female Academy. Miss Julia Tutwiler was the headmistress, and my grandmother had great respect for her. Her graduation year was 1897. She taught school for over 40 years, retiring from the Bessemer School System. Her last school was Vance Elementary, where she taught so long that she taught the children of former pupils.

  4. I’ve got family in Grove Hill

  5. It was really forward of them to provide opportunity for the girls to work . Many the countries are not providing such opportunities even in this century.

  6. I believe his middle name was Presnall, his mother’s maiden name.

  7. Kent Hale history close to home

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